Central Europe

Central Europe is the region uniting the countries found in the very heart of the continent. Just to make things more clear, here are the countries to which I will be referring to in my articles about Central Europe, in alphabetical order: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.


I first visited Austria in my first trip I ever went to outside Romania, when my parents took me on a road trip through several European countries. It ended up being my favorite, and I was happy to revisit it with Mathieu.

On the city break to Vienna, with Mathieu, we managed to see a lot of things, despite the short time and his ankle which he hurt a day before our trip. It was interesting to revisit Austria’s capital city and discover how much had changed within the 20 years from my first visit. It was also interesting to discover how other places were timeless, remaining well kept and unchanged, such as the Schönbrunn Palace and the Belvedere Palace.

To make it easy for Mathieu, we tried to limit our walking, so we went on a hop on – hop off bus tour, exploring the most important landmarks of Vienna.

Czech Republic

I believe that the Czech Republic is one of Europe’s jewel countries.. It has quickly become one of my favorite destinations, and one where I hope to return soon.

Mathieu and I spent a few wonderful days in Prague. We fell in love with the old parts of the city, and wandered a lot on its streets and by the Vltava river. The two of us also enjoyed Prague’s bars, where we tasted absinthe and several delicious whiskey sours, and listened to amazing live jazz music.


Germany is my dad’s favorite country. He not only loves the touristic destinations, but also admires the hard-working and efficient people working in Germany. 

Personally, I love the contrast between Germany’s fairy-tale towns and Berlin.

I never thought I’d ever come to miss Berlin, but it has happened! Luckily, I got to visit it more than once, exploring its historic sights, be they from the time of long departed kings, or from the recent World War II. I also enjoyed getting a taste of modern Berlin, especially in my latest visit with Mathieu.

Not far from Berlin, there is the romantic Potsdam. Beautiful castles and huge gardens make Potsdam a must-see for a busy day-trip away from Germany’s busy capital. It’s worth fighting the cold or suffering from the heat to visit it. I should know: I’ve done both!

Also a great choice for a day trip from Berlin is a visit to Oranienburg. It is most captivating if you’re interested in dark tourism, as this is the place of one of the first Nazi concentration camps. Bear in mind that a visit to the Oranienburg concentration camp can feel overwhelming, but it is important to learn about the mistakes our kind has done throughout history. 

Mathieu frequently went to Saxony with his work, more precisely in the town of Chemnitz. One weekend, he decided to take the advice of his local colleagues and go on a day trip and hike to the beautiful Bastei Bridge

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