liechtenstein in central europe

Liechtenstein is located in Central Europe. Only twenty-five kilometers long, Liechtenstein is among the smallest countries in Europe. However, it’s well-known for its mountain landscape, medieval castles and its villages connected by rail. Vaduz, the capital city, is both a cultural and financial center.

How much does it cost to visit Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein accommodation costs

Hotel or hostel for one personCHF 42.67 – 94.28
Typical double roomCHF 168.71 – 384.07

Liechtenstein food and drinks costs

Meal in an inexpensive restaurantCHF 21.92 – 24
Meal in a mid-range restaurantCHF 27.39 – 50
Local beer (0.5 liters, draught)CHF 6 – 7
Water (0.33 liter, bottle)
Tap water is safe to drink in Liechtenstein, however.

Liechtenstein fares and public transport

One-way public transportation ticketCHF 2
Taxi (price per kilometer)CHF 1.06
Gasoline (1 liter)CHF 1.55

Liechtenstein visiting costs – Top attractions in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein National MuseumCHF 10
Liechtenstein CenterFree
Postal MuseumFree
Cathedral of St. FlorinFree
Vaduz Main SquareFree

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