How much does it cost to visit Andorra?

If you’re visiting Andorra on a budget, try to spend around € 56 per day. Please note that this estimated Andorra travel cost does not include accommodation for the day. If you look below you can learn more about the costs of visiting Andorra:

Andorra accommodation costs

Hotel or hostel for one person€ 24 – 111
Typical double room€ 44 – 222

Andorra food and drinks costs

Meal in an inexpensive restaurant€ 8 – 12
Meal in a mid-range restaurant€ 15 – 20
Local beer (0.5 liter, draught)€ 1.62 – 3
Water (0.33 liter, bottle)
Tap water is safe to drink in Andorra, however.
€ 1.20 – 2

Andorra fares and public transport

One-way public transportation ticket€ 1.85
Taxi (price per kilometer)€ 1.14 – 1.15
Gasoline (1 liter)€ 1 – 1.20

Antdorra visiting costs – Top attractions in Andorra

Tristaina Lake TrailFree
Mirador del Roc del Quer viewpointFree
Valle de InclesFree
Lagos de Tristania TrailFree
Church of Sant Joan de CasellesFree

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