The Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula, represent a geographic area in southeastern Europe. The exact spread of the Balkans varies depending on the source you will be consulting, according to Wikipedia. So, just to make things a bit more clear, here are the countries to which I will be referring to in my articles about the Balkans / Balkan Peninsula, in alphabetical order: AlbaniaBulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, MacedoniaMontenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey.

Romania, however, will be treated separately here, as it is my country and I need more room for local advice and travel suggestions. 🙂

The Balkans Road Trip

In the Summer of 2016, I joined two friends on a car trip through the Balkans for a truly awesome vacation. My road trip in the Balkans of over 2,000 km lasted for 3 weeks, during which I visited 6 countries. Here is what I’ve seen, in chronological order: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and last, but not least, Serbia.

You can follow the amazing Balkan road trip diaries in order starting here or you can discover the countries one by one by scrolling down.

Countries to visit in The Balkans

Tirana's center with the flag, a minaret and a statue, in Albania, in the Balkans


On my travelling in the Balkans, Albania was one of my favourites. The two places I’ve spent more time in were Tirana and Shkoder.

Vegetation and path inside Devetashka Cave, in Bulgaria, in the Balkans


I have travelled to Bulgaria many times, at first just passing through on the way to Greece, then I discovered its very affordable seaside. However, on the Balkan road trip, it was the first time I actually went deeper, to explore more of its beauties and to eat more Bulgarian food.

Interesting fact: The Shopska salad, though present everywhere in the Balkans, has Bulgarian roots, as its ingredients reflect the colours of the Bulgarian flag.

Harbor at night in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in the Balkans


So far, I’ve visited Croatia just once, stopping only in Dubrovnik.

View over Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, and Mount Vodno in the Balkans


Macedonia was yet another place where I could see a lot of contrasts between Skopje, its capital, and the other cities or towns I got to visit. But wherever you’ll go, I’m confident you’ll get to meet very welcoming and warm-hearted locals.

Montenegro's seaside in the Balkans


Montenegro’s seaside is absolutely gorgeous! And quite affordable, too.  Which is also one of the reasons it’s so crowded.

Colorful terrace with flowers in the pedestrian area of Belgrade, in Serbia, in the Balkan Peninsula


My stop in Serbia was very short, so I’ve only seen a bit of Belgrade until now.

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