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How to plan a destination wedding

A destination wedding is unique and magical. You can make your dream wedding come true if you have always wanted get married away from home.

There are many romantic vistas and locales including ancient castles, sunny beaches, tropical sandy places, and iconic city skylines wedding venues in the world. Such wedding venues are gorgeous, but you need great planning to make the destination wedding a success.

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10 dreamy places to visit with your partner

In today’s stressful and busy time, in order to maintain a strong bond, it’s imperative that couples take out time for each other and go on long tours to romantic and relaxing locations together. If you are planning to go on a trip with your better half and are looking for some dreamy, picture-perfect yet affordable places, you are in the right place! In this article, we shall see a compiled list of 10 dreamy places to visit with your partner.

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22 up-and-coming travel bloggers you need to watch this year

If you’ve been following The Travel Bunny travel blog, you probably noticed that lately I’ve been doing my best to post more often. Sometimes I even manage to post every day from Monday to Friday. But this week was a lot more difficult, as I challenged myself to post daily for 7 days. It is a challenge initiated by Travel Bloggers’ Club, a really cool and supportive facebook group for people like myself. During this challenge, I discovered lots of new people and great content. So I am in the right position to provide you with a list of 22 up-and-coming travel bloggers you absolutely need to watch this year!

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30 insightful quotes about traveling

To start the new year on the right foot, I am sharing with you my favorite travel quotes. They’re not just any quotes, but a collection of 30 inspirational and insightful quotes about traveling. Most of them are from famous novelists or from travel writers, who point out some things to keep an eye out for on our trips in order to make the best of them.

A motive in many of the insightful quotes about traveling I gathered here is how travel shifts the way we think for the better. It changes not only the way we see the rest of the world, but also ourselves.

So keep reading if you wish to see traveling in a new light.

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Why traveling alone can be a life-changing experience

We’ve all been on those family holidays where you rely on each other to make the daily decisions of where to go, what to do, and what time to do it. You know that someone is always there to talk to, to laugh with, and to share the dinner bill. And while that’s a nice thing to fall back on, it can sometimes take away from your surroundings, as you’re more focused on making sure that everyone else is happy, rather than just doing what you want to do. And so you choose to go traveling alone.

Being out there alone gives you the chance to wander, and sit and relax, really taking the time out to watch the world go by. Lying out by the pool in some of the luxury villas in Canngu, and thinking about just how perfect this very moment is. Mixing with the locals as a single traveler is bound to introduce more conversation and interest too. You see, a lot of people are fearful of travelling alone because they assume that they’ll get lonely and nervous and anxious because they don’t have anyone by their side. But you’d be surprised as to just how social it will be, if not more so now that you’re riding solo.

Here are some more benefits.

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