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A delightful day trip to Ohrid

In the morning, Simon and I had a quick breakfast, then went on a day trip to Ohrid Town. Meanwhile, Ana and Tim decided to spend a lazy day by the lake, in Lagadin.

The buses come quite frequently and on time on the shore of Lake Ohrid. You pay the fare with the driver. Therefore it’s all very simple and easy, should you decide to travel this way on your

Day Trip to Ohrid Town

In Ohrid, we mostly wandered through the old, narrow, cobble-stoned streets, then took a walk on the docks and visited the Byzantium Church of Saint Sophia.

Here are some images, to get an idea of what you can see in Ohrid Town:

day trip to ohrid town

The Byzantium Church of Saint Sophia is one of Macedonia’s most important monuments, and it’s really worth the visit. The interior is stunning, with beautiful frescoes. The feeling of the passing of time can become quite overwhelming as you try to take everything in, but you can come back to your senses in the church’s green courtyard.

We finished our day trip to Ohrid Town with some shopping: Simon needed swimming trunks. While he was checking stuff out,  I acquired some water goggles and chatted with the shop assistant. She said that we were very lucky to stay in Lagadin, as it is one of the nicest and most peaceful places by Lake Ohrid, and that it’s not your go-to tourist location.

Swimming and snorkeling in Lagadin

When we returned to Lagadin, we spent the rest of the day on the beach, went swimming in the lake and did a bit of snorkeling, as it’s quite populated with fish.

What about you?

Would you have stayed to rest on the beach in Lagadin? Or would you have preferred the day trip to Ohrid Town, to explore a new place?

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What to visit on a day trip to Ohrid Town

Byzantium Church of Saint Sophia in Ohrid

Address: Naehe See, 6000 Ohrid, North Macedonia | See on map
Tel. 894-626-7403

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Day Trip to Ohrid to discover the old and narrow cobbled streets, with shops of interesting artisans. You can go visit the Byzantium Church of Saint Sophia and Ohrid's amphitheatre, see the boats in the harbour and go on a boat ride, or walk on the wooden path by the lake. You can also go shopping. #Ohrid #Macedonia #travel #TravelBunny

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