How to get to Athens by train

Using the International Railway Services you will get as far as Thessaloniki. After that, you can use the Suburban Railway to get to Athens by train.

You can either book your tickets online with Trainose or take advantage of several international train tickets you can use to cut down your expenses. You’ll find more information on them at the end of this page.

Arriving in Greece by train from Europe

The International Railway Services operated by Trainose connect Thessaloniki to Sofia, Bucharest, and Belgrade (via Skopje).

Please note that International Railway one-way tickets are valid for 15 days, while return tickets are valid for one month. Seat reservation is mandatory.

How to get to Athens by train on the InterCity Network

You can get to Athens by train and arrive in the Athens Railway Station.

If you are coming from Thessaloniki, your route will be Thessaloniki – Sindos – Adendron – Platy – Aeginio – Korinos – Katerini – Litochoro – Neoi Poroi – Rapsani – Larissa.

Check out the InterCity Network map.

Athens Railway Station or Larissa…?

The Athens Railway Station is the main train station of Athens, but also the largest one in Greece. was born by merging two railway terminals which used to be next to each other: Larissa Station and Peloponnese Station. The trains arriving and leaving in Larissa connected Athens to central and northern Greece. On the other side, the Peloponnese Station connected Athens to the Peloponnese Peninsula, as the name suggests.

People still call the Athens Railway Station the Larissa Station, and there is also a metro station bearing the same name. So don’t be confused!

International Tickets to get to Athens by train

On the International Railway routes from above, you saw Eurail, Interail and the Balkan Flexipass mentioned. Besides making your travels in Europe more flexible, they also offer a wide range of partner discounts you can use during your trip.

Check out the sections below to learn more about the benefits of these International Train Tickets and how far you can travel with them.

Alternatives to getting to Athens by train

How to get to Athens by train
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