Veliko Tarnovo Walking Tour


Veliko Tarnovo walking tour which lasts for 3 hours. It will help you discover Veliko Tarnovo’s rich history, but also the city’s everyday life.

Veliko Tarnovo walking tour highlights:

  • Discover Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria’s former capital
  • Admire the views of the hills of Tsaravets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora
  • Visit the Patriarchal Church of Tsaravets
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Veliko Tarnovo walking tour

The Veliko Tarnovo private group walking tour will take you to one of Bulgaria‘s oldest settlements, with a history covering more than 5 millennia. In the Middle Ages, Veliko Tarnovo knew a time of prosperity, turning into the strongest and most influential Bulgarian fortification. That is how this Bulgarian city became the most important economic, political, cultural, and religious center of the 2nd Bulgarian empire.

The city stretches over three hills and during this tour, you will discover two of them: Tsaravets and Trapezitsa. On the first, you will explore the Tsaravets Fortress, once the home of the Bulgarian emperors and the patriarchate. On the second one, you will get to admire the old royal residence and many Orthodox churches.

Towards the end of the Veliko Tarnovo walking tour, you will be able to see the Assen Dynasty monument and do some souvenir shopping.

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Veliko Tarnovo Walking Tour
Veliko Tarnovo Walking Tour