From saving money to packing, and from safety to camping, read my excellent travel tips to enjoy your holiday to the max!

Backpacking tips

man backpacking in the mountains

Backpacking guide for newbie hikers

Backpacking in the mountains, a guide for born adventurers. Great tips for newbie hikers and campers who are just starting backpacking.

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man with hiking backpack on top of a mountain in autumn

Hiking backpack travel checklist

A travel checklist can be useful for a single-day or multi-day hike packing. Use this travel infographic to prepare your hiking backpack!

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Camping tips

camping supplies next to tents in a camping spot in the woods at night

Camping supplies checklist

Camping supplies help you enjoy the outdoors, protecting you from the weather or any hiking mishaps. Use this camping supplies checklist to pack everything!

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Flying like a pro

How to sleep on a plane. Beat jet lag

Sick of dealing with jet lag every time you go on holiday? Discover the best tips to sleep on a plane and arrive well-rested at your travel destination.

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woman ready to be traveling by charter plane

Tips for traveling by charter plane

Traveling by charter plane is not only for the rich and famous, as flying on a charter plane can also be done on a budget nowadays. Learn more about it!

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The ultimate carry-on packing list

This essential carry-on packing list with travel hacks for packing light will teach you how to fit everything you need to pack for your trip in a carry-on bag.

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International events

destination wedding venue by the beach

How to plan a destination wedding

A destination wedding is unique and magical. You can make your dream wedding come true if you have always wanted to get married away from home.

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Seasonal travel tips

autumn vacation trail

Autumn vacation tips

Autumn vacation tips to stay warm when you’re outdoors admiring fall foliage. Get your camera gear ready to strike the best photos this autumn!

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budget traveler running in yosemite national park in their fall vacation

Tips for cheap fall vacations

Cheap fall vacations are an excellent choice for budget travelers. Find out why and learn how to book cheap fall vacations on your own, step by step!

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Solo travel tips

woman traveling alone and dancing in the street with a red scarf

Why traveling alone is a life-changing experience

Traveling alone can help you discover and develop your own strengths, and it will push you to step out of your comfort zone. Solo travel is amazing!

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woman in a hammock looking at mountains

The 6 best destinations to travel alone

Explore the best destinations to travel alone in Europe and beyond. Discover what they are and get budget travel tips to plan the best solo trip!

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budget solo trip planning

6 ways to save money on your next budget solo trip

Budget solo trip advice to spend less while you’re going on holiday alone. Learn how to save money and still have the trip of your dreams!

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packing clothes for going on vacation alone

7 packing tips for going on vacation alone

These seven helpful packing tips will help you get ready in no time. You’ll have everything you need while feeling comfortable, too.

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dining solo while going on vacation by yourself

Going on vacation by yourself: Tips for dining solo

Going on vacation by yourself? Dining solo is one of the biggest fears of those traveling alone. So here are some tips to elegantly avoid the awkwardness!

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solo female traveler happy to have read travel safety tips

10 solo travel safety tips to explore the world

Every woman must know these solo travel safety tips before their trip! While traveling solo, every lady should make safety her topmost priority.

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best solo vacations for female travelers

Learn how to go on the best solo vacations

Planning the best solo vacations isn’t as difficult as you may think! This quick guide will help you plan a fun solo trip that is not only exciting but also safe.

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bloggind and journaling solo vacations

How to keep a journal of your solo vacations

Solo vacations are lifechanging experiences you’ll want to remember forever. It’s easy to do that with a travel blog o travel journal. Learn how!

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solo travel female

8 common solo travel mistakes you need to avoid

Solo travel mistakes can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation alone. Read The Travel Bunny’s solo travel tips to learn how to avoid them and enjoy your trip!

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woman considering the pros and cons of traveling solo

What are the pros and cons of traveling solo?

Learn all the pros and cons of traveling solo. Only then can you decide for yourself if you should leave on a solo travel adventure or look for a travel companion!

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