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Welcome to the enchanting world of The Travel Bunny, a realm where wanderlust meets inspiration, and every journey becomes an unforgettable tale. Crafted with passion by Mirela Letailleur, The Travel Bunny is not just a travel blog but also a beacon for souls yearning for adventure. With an award-winning reputation, this platform is your ultimate source for travel inspiration, comprehensive destination guides, and invaluable tips that turn every trip into a masterpiece.

What sets The Travel Bunny apart? It’s the belief that travel is a universal right, not a luxury. Whether you’re a backpacker counting every penny or a connoisseur of opulent escapades, there’s a guide tailored just for you. Dive deep into exotic destinations, tread the paths less traveled, and arm yourself with practical advice that ensures you make the most of every moment. And it’s not just Mirela’s voice that guides you! She collaborates with a global team of seasoned travel writers and photographers, ensuring a mosaic of perspectives that enrich your travel planning.

But there’s more to this bunny’s hop! The Travel Bunny’s blog is a treasure trove of insights penned by travelers who’ve been there and done that. From the allure of the French Riviera to the vibrant nightlife of Houston, every post is a journey in itself. And if you’re seeking exclusive deals to make your travels lighter on the pocket, The Travel Bunny’s newsletter is your golden ticket!

Mirela Letailleur’s vision with The Travel Bunny is clear: to make travel accessible, enjoyable, and enlightening for all. Every article, every guide, and every tip is a testament to her commitment to this vision. So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a solo expedition, or a family vacation, let The Travel Bunny be your compass. After all, as Mirela would say, the world is waiting to be explored, one bunny hop at a time! 🐇🧳

Making your travels easy to plan, budget-friendly, and absolutely amazing!

Mirela Letailleur The Travel Bunny in Berlin, Germany
Mirela Letailleur, owner of The Travel Bunny blog, in Berlin, Germany

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Read The Travel Bunny’s travel blog and you will:

  • Visit the best museums and discover the place through interesting cultural events
  • Taste mouth-watering food and sip on the most delicious drinks as you discover fun culinary experiences
  • Find adventures in the outdoors or in cities with lots of photos and fun stories
  • Listen to great music and dance until sunrise
  • Explore lovely bookshops, hidden on forgotten streets and passageways
  • Enjoy the sunset from the best spot in town.

The Travel Bunny in a nutshell

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Oh, and in case you were wondering…

Travel Bunny meaning

Well, when I was a kid, my best friend (and even her parents!) would call me Mirela Iepurela. Iepurela is a childish way to name the female bunny in Romanian. I got stuck with this nickname and I came to love it. Now I playfully sign my name like this whenever I’m writing emails or cards to friends or even to really close colleagues.

So, ever since I can remember, I’ve been a bunny. As for the travel part, I’m guessing it’s quite obvious by now.

Hopping around the Internet

Like any blogger or human these days, I try to be active on all the hip social media platforms. I don’t always succeed unless I schedule some stuff in advance, but here’s where else you can find me:


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