mirela letailleur, owner of the trave bunny blog, in vama veche, romania

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I know that planning a wonderful holiday can be tedious and stressful, especially after working hard at the office. That’s why I put together unique and complete travel guides where you have all the useful information to relax and be carefree not only during your vacation but also before it.

Making your travels easy to plan, budget-friendly, and absolutely amazing!

mirela letailleur, owner of the trave bunny blog, in berlin, germany

Imagine your next travel adventure!

Read The Travel Bunny’s travel blog and you will:

  • Visit the best museums and discover the place through interesting cultural events
  • Taste mouth-watering food and sip on the most delicious drinks
  • Listen to great music and dance until sunrise
  • Explore lovely bookshops, hidden on forgotten streets and passageways
  • Enjoy the sunset from the best spot in town.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering…

Travel Bunny meaning

Well, when I was a kid, my best friend (and even her parents!) would call me Mirela Iepurela. Iepurela is a childish way to name the female bunny in Romanian. I got stuck with this nickname and I came to love it. Now I playfully sign my name like this whenever I’m writing emails or cards to friends or even to really close colleagues.

So, ever since I can remember, I’ve been a bunny. As for the travel part, I’m guessing it’s quite obvious by now.

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