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Welcome to The Travel Bunny!

The Travel Bunny is a top travel blog for budget travelers who like to splurge every now and then. We are a trusted travel resource that aims to show people of all ages that they can travel more with less.

We know that travelers wear different hats. That is why The Travel Bunny offers wanderlust inspiration and travel advice not only for budget travelers but also for solo travelers, globetrotting couples, family vacationers, international students, outdoorsy backpackers, foodie travelers, sailors & cruisers, plus many more. The Travel Bunny is for everyone!

If you need a media release or the lowdown on advertising your products or services with us, you’ve come to the right spot. Work with The Travel Bunny opportunities: sponsorships, advertising, content campaigns, freelance writing, and product reviews. However, we remain open to all collaboration proposals.

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Who is The Travel Bunny?

The Travel Bunny has been an important worldwide travel planning resource since 2017. Mirela Letailleur, the blog’s creator, plus tens of travel contributors are trying their best to cover every possible destination. They also aim to bring wonderful suggestions to every type of traveler among the blog’s readers and over 13,000 followers on social media. Read more about The Travel Bunny.

Mirela Letailleur is a full-time travel blogger from Romania who has been traveling & speaking English since kindergarten and blogging since she was a teenager.

  • In high school, she was in a bilingual English class and had the chance to have lessons dedicated to British history, geography, and culture. After that, she continued her studies in English and got a BA in Political Science at the University of Bucharest.
  • A few years later, she changed careers and began working in the travel industry as an Educational Travel Agent at Mara Study.
  • In 2014, she began working at the British Council in Romania as a Teaching Centre Assistant. It didn’t take long and she was promoted to Digital, Events, and Adult Courses Coordinator. Mirela handled the Teaching Centre’s part of the website, plus all the digital platforms dedicated to the center’s thousands of students of all ages. She was also in charge of company travels, organizing team-building events, and several events for children. Among the latter, the most important was the Annual Summer Picnic, with over 2,500 children and parents enjoying fun activities at an outdoor venue.
  • In December 2018, Mirela quit her job at the British Council to pursue a career as a travel blogger. Since then, besides writing for The Travel Bunny, she also created content for Mara Study, Mara Boutique Travel, and Exclusive Luxury Travel.

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The Travel Bunny’s Audience

The Travel Bunny is mainly targeted toward budget travelers and couples. However, the website also captures the attention of other readers who are searching for travel planning resources and inspiration to fit their financial resources.

  • Our demographics show that The Travel Bunny has readers of all ages (18-65+), but most of them are between 25 and 34 years old. The website also seems to attract more women (61.7%) than men (38.3%).
  • The Travel Bunny’s audience is split between the USA (23.67%) and Romania (20.95%), followed by the UK (6.73%), India (4.27%), and France (3.75%). We also have a constant readership from Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, and Italy.
  • We are currently working on translating all the travel content. Although this is a work in progress, we can see that although the majority prefers English, there is a growing audience favoring the other two languages: Romanian (17%) and French (4.42%).

Social media

The Travel Bunny has a growing organic following on several social media platforms:

  • Twitter: 12.1k
  • Facebook: 6.2k
  • Instagram: 4k
  • Pinterest: 3k

Last updated 29 October 2022

The perks of working together

When you work together with The Travel Bunny, you will gain more exposure:

  • We can cover your product/service and all trips we take on The Travel Bunny’s blog. Beyond writing articles about our experience, we can offer extensive social media coverage, including videos when necessary.
  • The Travel Bunny has sections dedicated to hotel reviews and travel gear reviews, plus others dedicated to various types of traveler interests. This will increase the visibility of your product/service on our website and it will help you reach your target audience.
  • Our website is a trusted resource for travel planning by people from all over the world. They take into account the advice and recommendations they find on The Travel Bunny for creating their own journeys.

The Travel Bunny has set high standards, so you can be certain that we will create quality content and collaborate in a professional manner.

Partnership opportunities

Advertising/Sponsored posts

Thousands of readers come to our website for wanderlust inspiration, trusted travel tips, and fun travel stories. Advertise with The Travel Bunny and connect your brand with our amazing community! Reach travelers worldwide by connecting your brand with The Travel Bunny on the website, social media, and other channels.

The Travel Bunny offers several advertising options: sponsored social media promotions, native advertisements as sponsored posts, and sidebar ads. We are also open to long-term collaborations as Brand Ambassadors and are more than happy to adjust things according to your needs and marketing budget.

Contact Mirela Letailleur to advertise on The Travel Bunny.

Press trips/Social trips

The Travel Bunny was born from Mirela Letailleur’s love for travel. Depending on the travel destination or the value of the trip you are proposing, Mirela and Mathieu are interested in both paid partnerships and barters.

Contact Mirela Letailleur and get her to work on a press/social trip.

Product reviews

We have reviewed several travel-related products and services on The Travel Bunny blog and social media that have converted well for our partners. As we love trying new things, we are happy to do sponsored reviews featuring your product or service. We write thorough articles with lots of photos detailing all the advantages of using the product/service and share them on The Travel Bunny’s social media channels, too. And, of course, we include links to your official website and add social media tags leading our audience to your pages.

All our service and product reviews remain in the travel blog’s archive and you are free to use the photos we took on social media/your website. We reserve the right to write honest reviews sharing our own thoughts, though.

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Affiliate partnerships

In combination with product reviews or as a stand-alone, an affiliate partnership with The Travel Bunny can be very effective. You get your own brand page and your products and/or services get listed with unique descriptions in the Traveler’s Shop. Then, they get featured in our blog articles, travel guides, and travel tips pages so that they reach an audience with a specific interest in them. Sales and discount codes are easily added, too. And we can also add sticky sidebar banners on content categories selected together.

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When you have a product or service that requires more attention from travelers, running a contest is an excellent way to bring you some extra exposure. If you sponsor the prize of the contest, we will run a contest on the blog and social media with maximum exposure. We can also create a specific campaign to fit your needs (e.g. sending extra views on your website, growing your email list, increasing your social media following, etc.)

Contact Mirela Letailleur to create a contest or to run a giveaway.

Freelance content

Do you love how Mirela Letailleur writes? She will be glad to provide her freelance services and tell a story for your company or brand. Her most recent content writing collaborations have been with Mara Study Turism, Mara Boutique Travel, and Exclusive Luxury Travel.

Contact Mirela Letailleur to work for you and write content for your websites.

Brand Partnerships

The Travel Bunny collabs
The Travel Bunny collabs

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