avoid paying commissions abroad

5 tips to avoid paying commissions when you travel

When you go abroad, wrong ideas about exchange commissions can quickly cost you up to 10% or even 20% of your travel expenses without even noticing. I should know: I’m a French guy sent to work in Romania. I think I saw and did most of these mistakes myself. Therefore, I will gladly share with you some tips to avoid paying commissions which I learned from personal experience. Exchange some cash Exchanging cash might be the best way to avoid paying commissions on a short trip. But it can also be the worse trap ever! You can find exchange offices …

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hike to bastei bridge

Mathieu’s adventures: Hike to Bastei Bridge, in Saxony

I ended up going on a hike to Bastei Bridge because I had to work from Germany (Saxony) for a few days in April. Close to the end of the week, a German colleague shot the obvious question during lunch: What did you plan for this weekend? My colleagues and I didn’t have anything planned, so we asked for advice: You should go to Bastei, it’s not too far. Perfect for a walk. Beautiful. You will love it! It seemed nice enough, so that’s what we did. I actually didn’t pay much attention to the rest, because I like surprises, …

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