staying healthy while traveling full time

6 best tips for staying healthy while traveling full time

Full-time travel may be an exciting and gratifying experience for a digital nomad. You may travel the world, encounter new people, and carry out your business from anywhere. But, it’s simple to disregard your health while you travel full-time because of all the excitement and enjoyment. For digital nomads, maintaining their health is essential, and disregarding it can have a number of unfavorable effects. For instance, if you don’t look after your physical and emotional health, you may feel weariness, burnout, and decreased productivity. Also, becoming sick while traveling may be very expensive and unpleasant, delay your vacation plans, and …

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travel insurance checklist

Travel insurance checklist to avoid the holiday blues this summer

Huge queues out of airport departure halls. The luggage went missing. Flight cancellations. You find yourself stranded at your destination not sure how and when you’re going to get home. The return to abroad travel for most of us has certainly not been the smooth transition we were hoping for. Yes, it’s fair to say that the tremendous post-COVID summer getaway of 2022 has hit one or two snags. Variously described as “disruption” or “chaos” depending on where you get your news from, the simple truth is that the air travel industry is still struggling with massive staff shortages having …

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Ostrich Pillow Go neck pillow review

Ostrich Pillow Go Neck pillow review: avoiding neck pain on the go?

Are you sick of traveling for a long time and feeling crowded, uncomfortable, and worn out? I’m excited to introduce the Ostrich Pillow Go neck pillow as the creative answer to your travel problems. I promise you will arrive at your destination feeling rested and prepared to go since this neck pillow that’s made to offer the best level of comfort and support. And I have the honor of providing you with an unbiased, in-depth review of this fantastic product! I am frequently asked to test and evaluate the newest and best travel-related products because I am a frequent traveler …

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life as a digital nomad safetywing

Life as a Digital Nomad: chasing dreams vs navigating uncertainty

Are you eager to go off on an adventure complete with flexibility and freedom? I had the chance of experiencing life as a digital nomad while sailing the Mediterranean in 2020 as a travel writer and digital nomad. A global epidemic that caused many individuals to reevaluate their priorities and way of life rendered 2020 a year unlike any other. But for me, it symbolized an opportunity to embrace the unexpected and conquer new horizons. I can work from anywhere in the globe as a digital nomad as long as I have an internet connection. And what better way to benefit …

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travel dishes recreated at home

Food from around the world: how to recreate your favorite travel dishes at home

Adaptogenic menus are set to be one of the biggest travel trends of 2023, Conde Nast Traveller reports. Adaptogens are powerful herbs and mushrooms that can help your body combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and improve overall well-being. Adaptogenic lattes, teas, and smoothies are available around Los Angeles, while Sweeties bar at The Standard hotel in London serves up adaptogenic cocktails (Gold Dust Woman, in particular, features turmeric). No matter where in the world you travel, sampling the local cuisine is a must, and one of the most memorable parts of any trip. And, it’s only natural to start longing …

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