parking at newark airport international

All you need to know about parking at Newark Airport

Traveling is always a fantastic adventure and people love to explore new destinations within the country and abroad, and discover new things, places, and cultures. Most people travel abroad to finalize business deals with foreign companies or start a new venture in another country. Others travel for recreational purposes and return home with beautiful memories. In all cases, getting around abroad implies using a car in many cases. And everyone wants to enjoy car safety and protection after parking at Newark Airport. Parking vehicles randomly brings travelers significant stress as they think about stolen things, damages, and other additional charges. …

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best air fares for airline tickets

How to get the best air fares: tips & tricks to fly cheaper

To get the best deal, be flexible with your trip arrangements. The greatest bargains may be available only on specific days of the week or times of the day. After you’ve received an airfare quotation, ask the bookings agent whether you might save some money by modifying your departure time or traveling on another date entirely. Alternatively, you can ask the agent what is the cheapest flight they propose and what you need to do to be on it. Look for plane tickets in advance to get the best air fares As much as possible, plan your trip in advance. …

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first class upgrade

How to get a first class upgrade Secret tips & strategies

Nowadays, when we get barely any benefits but pay more on additional overheard charges, a passenger with no prior flying history on a certain airline has little to no hope of getting a first class upgrade. However, if you do your homework, it can happen to you. That’s what we’re covering in today’s article on The Travel Bunny travel blog! So keep reading to discover 12 secret tips and strategies to get that first class upgrade! Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, The Travel Bunny will earn a …

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best flight infographic

How to have the best flight yet (Infographic)

Flying is certainly a lot different than it used to be. Decades ago, there was a certain elegance to flight, with meals, flight attendants, and even checked baggage. Now? Now you’re lucky to get a bag of peanuts and a very small drink; don’t even think about a free checked bag. But even if you might have suffered a series of setbacks with delayed flights, hungry hours in stale, smelly cabins, and more, you can do better. You can hack not only your next flight but all your future flights, too. For example, you might consider an airline credit card …

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check in luggage

How to check in luggage at the airport

When it comes to check in luggage, timing is everything. However, there are some other useful travel tips that you should know about. And once you learn them, your trips will become more comfortable and less stressful. When and where do you check your luggage at the airport Make sure you arrive at the baggage checker at the airport earlier, especially on busy days (e.g. before the winter holidays). To play it safe, you should check in luggage two hours before a domestic flight. For international flights, you should show up even earlier and find out where do you check …

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suitcase packing tips

More suitcase packing tips for your flight

Most people choose to travel by plane because it’s faster and more luxurious than with other means of transport. However, to have a pleasant trip, it’s best to be well prepared in advance. Which is why I’ve decided to share with you some more suitcase packing tips! It’s not enough to book your seat with an airline with good customer service. Or doing your best to increase your personal comfort during your journey. You need to pack your things right, too. So check out our suitcase packing tips below to have a better journey! The best suitcase packing tips When …

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missing luggage

Avoid missing luggage and other baggage problems

Missing luggage is not an uncommon problem when it comes to air travel mishaps. Statistics say that for every 1000 passengers, there are two or three whose baggage gets mishandled. Therefore, it’s obvious that missing luggage is a problem most travelers face. Read the rest of this travel blog article to get some tips that will help you avoid common baggage problems. How to avoid missing luggage About the author Mirela Letailleur is a Romanian travel blogger living in the South of France. She writes on The Travel Bunny travel blog about affordable travel in Europe, creator of unique free …

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