things to do in Nairobi Kenya

10 exciting things to do in Nairobi as a tourist

In case you are already thinking of planning your next trip, Nairobi, Kenya is a great choice and one of the best places to be. Nairobi is filled with great adventure, fun activities, great food, and the best of nature that you have ever seen. There are numerous places that you can visit when you travel to Nairobi and it has everything for everyone. In this article, you’ll discover ten highly recommended places to visit and things to do in Nairobi. 1. Visit Nairobi National Park Nairobi is known to be the only city in the world to have a …

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travel dishes recreated at home

Food from around the world: how to recreate your favorite travel dishes at home

Adaptogenic menus are set to be one of the biggest travel trends of 2023, Conde Nast Traveller reports. Adaptogens are powerful herbs and mushrooms that can help your body combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and improve overall well-being. Adaptogenic lattes, teas, and smoothies are available around Los Angeles, while Sweeties bar at The Standard hotel in London serves up adaptogenic cocktails (Gold Dust Woman, in particular, features turmeric). No matter where in the world you travel, sampling the local cuisine is a must, and one of the most memorable parts of any trip. And, it’s only natural to start longing …

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Things to do in Tennessee itinerary

Things to do in Tennessee in a two-day itinerary of fun & adventure

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway? It’s time to pack up and head toward Tennessee! From the bustling city life of Nashville to the captivating beauty of the Great Smokie Mountains National Park, there’s something for everyone in the Volunteer State. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an urban explorer, this itinerary will take you on an unforgettable journey through the state. So get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you experience the best that Tennessee can offer. Here’s the ideal 2-day itinerary for things to do in Tennessee! Book accommodation Before you start packing, we need your …

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underground cities guide

5 fascinating underground cities hiding beneath our feet

If you’ve traveled around a bit, you may have grown bored with beaches, and traditional holidays that only indulge in your consumerism. Thankfully, the world is vast and there’s so much more to explore if you have a knack for it. That’s why I want to show you the most surprising underground cities anyone should explore at least once in their life. The destinations I’m about to mention here are all around the world, and each of them offers something unique in terms of construction, history, and discoveries. Some are majestic tributes to a bygone era and people, while others …

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chalets with hot tubs in Zermatt

5 best chalets with hot tubs in Zermatt

Looking for a luxury chalet with a hot tub in the heart of Zermatt? Snow lovers from all over the world flock to Zermatt’s charming town and outstanding ski area. Spend your days immersing yourself in outstanding mountain scenery and strolling quaint cobbled streets, then unwind back at one of the best chalets with hot tubs in Zermatt. Skiing in Zermatt Roam 360km of piste on some of the highest slopes in Europe. The high altitude and Matterhorn Glacier provide snow-sure conditions 365 days a year. There’s more than enough here to keep you occupied, but the temptation to ski …

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