10 incredible ways in Las Vegas to stay entertained that won’t cost you a cent

Spending a few hours in a Las Vegas casino might be a fun thing to do but it is hardly likely to be free unless you have a bit of luck at the tables. However, there are loads of ways to have a great time in this incredible city without it costing you a cent.

It would make sense to spend some money on getting your transport options sorted out when you head to Vegas. If you search car rental Las Vegas airport, you will be able to find some of the best deals around. Once that is sorted, you can plan some entertainment that is so much fun and free to do.

Here are 10 ways to get your entertainment fix without worrying about the cost.

1. Take in a show

As you would expect, some of the headline stars on the strip don’t let you in for nothing. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your live entertainment fix for free.

One of the many options available would be to get yourself down to Harrah’s Casino. This venue has a great piano bar where they offer a free show. It is called the Duelling Pianos and is a nightly show that is so much fun, with competitive singing and playing that will keep you fully entertained.

You don’t have to buy a drink or a meal to watch the show, which starts at 9 pm most nights.

Of course, another great thing to do in a place like Vegas that will cost you nothing is people-watching. Stand in any of its notorious hotspots and you will see all sorts of different sights and behaviors as people react to the emotional thrill and assault on your senses that is the epitome of what this destination is all about.

You get your entertainment for free when you watch the reaction of crowds to a bit of live action, and taking in the sights and sounds of one of the big casinos will allow you to see the full spectrum of human emotion. Las Vegas is the perfect place for a bit of full-on people-watching, and it will cost you nothing for that entertainment.

2. Sightseeing is a real no-brainer

It won’t cost you anything to take in the sights and sounds of this iconic city either. Las Vegas is a unique destination. That means there are loads of opportunities to do some free sightseeing and take it all in without spending a cent. And you can navigate seamlessly around Vegas with these affordable eSIMs.

All the bright lights and competing sounds that hit you as you walk that famous Vegas strip are entertainment in itself. If you are tempted to explore as much as possible of the city, be mindful that walking along the strip will take you longer than anticipated, so make sure you wear some comfortable footwear. This will help you to focus your attention on enjoying one of the best free sightseeing tours you can go on.

3. The most famous free attraction of them all

Don’t forget to include the most famous free attraction of them all when you are on your sightseeing adventure. Pure and simple, it doesn’t get any bigger or better than the Bellagio Fountain Show. That’s why it is an essential ingredient of your Las Vegas visit, and the fact that it’s free to watch is the icing on the cake.

The choreographed show is world famous and is a lasting memory to enjoy, especially when it hasn’t cost you anything for such a spectacular display. Check out the show timings so that you can get a prime position and the best view for when the entertainment begins.

4. Edgy comedy for free

If you like a bit of live comedy entertainment and are not easily offended by R-rated jokes, there is a free comedy show on offer at the South Point Casino.

It’s called the Dirty 12:30 Free Comedy Show, which tells you everything you need to know about when it is on and what the content is like. It is a lunchtime hotspot, so be sure to get there in good time for your seat and some hilarious free entertainment.

5. You are never too old to enjoy a circus

We are all kids at heart. That’s why most of us are suckers for a circus show. There is an even more compelling reason for checking out the Circus Circus show during your stay, it’s free.

The show lasts for an hour and features classic acts such as juggling and trapeze artists. You will find Circus Circus at the north of the strip.

6. No VIP-only rules for this top fashion show

Catching a fashion runway show is not something many of us can do for free unless we happen to be a VIP or connected to the fashion industry. However, Vegas has got you covered, as it offers free fashion shows at the Fashion Show Mall.

The setup is just what you would expect. Glamorous models walk down the runway and everything is shown on a giant screen so that you always have the best vantage point.

7. Learn about Atlantis at Ceasar’s Palace

The iconic Caesar’s Palace is an attraction in its own right. You can also enjoy a free show there. If you head through the palace to the Forum Shops you will spot a fountain there, surrounded by Roman statues.

What you will quickly discover is that these statues deliver an animatronic show about the story of Atlantis.

It’s a neat feature that is well worth visiting, especially as it is free.

8. Botanical gardens are a brilliant distraction from the bright lights

If you are looking for a different sensory experience in Vegas that provides a unique contrast to the dazzling lights of the strip, the Wynn Botanical Gardens would be a great place to go.

It is a floral oasis that is completely free to view. It is a great venue for having a bit of time out from the full-on Las Vegas atmosphere.

9. The Bellagio also offers a place to unwind

It might seem hard to imagine that such a vibrant and exciting destination like the Bellagio could offer a calming sensory experience, but it has a conservatory and garden area that does just that.

The atrium houses an abundance of plants and flowers. Even more attractive is the fact that it is free to visit.

10. The Downtown Container Park is a quirky experience

It is often fun to do something different when on holiday. The Downtown Container Park ticks that particular box. It is a very quirky shopping precinct with unusual stores, but you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the free entertainment that runs there.

Bonus — These free lessons could pay off

If you fancy chancing your arm at the card or roulette tables but don’t have the confidence or know-how, you could take advantage of some free card game lessons.

Many of the big venues like the MGM Grand, the Luxor, and Excalibur, amongst others, offer free lessons on how to play popular games like craps, blackjack, and roulette.

There are plenty of free gambling lessons on offer in Vegas. Whether you can use them to your advantage is another matter entirely, but at least learning won’t cost you anything. As you can see, there are lots of free things to do in Las Legas that are guaranteed to keep you entertained without spending a cent.

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