places away from paris

France: Top 5 enchanting places away from Paris

Paris is everywhere. And yet it is not the most beautiful place France has to show. This country is so beloved that many of us are already planning to visit France on our first getaway to Europe when we can travel safely again. But you shouldn’t just visit Paris. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Cote d’Azur, and from the Alps to the Channel Islands, here are 5 enchanting places away from Paris that deserve your attention and that, perhaps, will make you reconsider your love for the French capital. 1. Dijon In the capital of Burgundy, it is almost …

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stunning places to relocate

Top 3 stunning places to relocate

Some travelers are happy with an occasional city break for some retail therapy and sightseeing, while others prefer two weeks on a bright sandy beach sipping cocktails. Certain nomads may even take months out of their lives to travel the world and experience everything it has to offer. And sometimes, after discovering stunning places to relocate, an adventuring traveler forms a strong connection with the place they visit and decide they never want to leave. If you’re looking to find that perfect location to live out your dreams, take a look at this list of three stunning places to relocate …

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