travel wise tips for vloggers

Travel wise: 4 best tips for vloggers

Travel Vloggers have been all around the globe since 2016. Meanwhile, they also gained the title of digital nomads. Travel Vloggers post their videos on YouTube and on Facebook. This allows them to have a wider reach of audience. They hop from one place to another to experience a different culture, try new food, meet new people, and see the world. Some stay in one place for a long time to really absorb the space they are in. Others choose to visit as many countries as they can in a year. They are people who share their exciting adventures and …

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old travel photos

5 creative ideas on how to use your old travel photos

Traveling is the best time to try out your love for photography. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or backpacking across the mountains, you’re sure to take your camera along with you to catch those aesthetic moments and make some permanent memories. But what do you do with all those extra photos after your trip ends and posting on Snapchat and Instagram stories just isn’t an option anymore? You probably have your old travel photos taking up the storage space in your phone, or printed up as yellowing polaroids stacked inside an old shoebox in your closet. But …

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SafetyWing travel insurance sailing

Why we chose SafetyWing travel insurance to go sailing during the pandemic

As you probably know by now, last year my husband and I finally made one of our biggest dreams come true: we bought a sailboat to sail the Mediterranean. As we were doing this in a sabbatical year, we needed coverage in case one of us got sick or our adventure turned into a misadventure. And, after comparing several options, we ended up getting SafetyWing travel insurance. SafetyWing Travel Insurance by nomads for nomads Our plan was to go to the South of France on 1 February 2020 to start looking for the boat. Then, once we got the boat, …

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best camping places in the us

Best camping places in the US – Camping is always a good idea!

The US has an abundance of beautiful locations when it comes to exploring the outdoors, and you’d be surprised to find out how many of those locations are perfect for camping. As an activity that lets you enjoy the fresh air and some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and views, camping is something everyone should try. And if you live in North America, it’s even easier to visit the best camping places in the US. If you’ve decided you’re going camping this summer, and now want to find the perfect destination to set up the tent, I’ve got you …

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Adventurous sports in the UK

Top 9 adventurous sports in the UK

Thrills, adrenaline-rushes and an adventure like no other – that is what adventure sports are all about. Experiencing the best of nature in a challenging way can lead to some unforgettable memories, something that we don’t often come across. That said, with unreal locations across the country, there are many adventurous sports in the UK in various picturesque locations. From simpler ones like quad bike days out to more challenging ones like kitesurfing, there’s a lot of options available for everyone to try out. From locals to travelers looking to experience something different, adventure sports offer the perfect opportunity to …

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green travel destinations

Top 5 must-visit green travel destinations

Are you dreaming of walking barefoot across verdant pastures, lush green meadows, and exotic wildflowers? Spring and summer are the ultimate seasons to rejoice in greenery, vibrant blooms, and rich floral aromas dominating the air. And there are many beautiful green travel destinations to choose from! When one thinks of greenery, images of beautiful American national parks, Scottish highlands, and the Swiss Alps flood the mind. Nature lovers desire nothing more than to surround themselves with landscapes that merge dense forests with towering snow-laced peaks. Below, I’ve created a delightful roundup of breathtaking green travel destinations to inspire your greenery-seeking …

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make traveling better

6 smart choices to make traveling more enchanting

Traveling is an experience that allows us to expand our boundaries with cultural enrichment and diversity. The simple act of opening up to a new culture lets us experience norms and traditions strikingly different from ours. Such experiences make traveling life-changing, and they enable us to appreciate the beauty that inhabits our world. Embarking on an exciting adventure to a new destination is an opportunity to learn and break free from all mental shackles. But, how can we make the most of this opportunity? Not all travelers open themselves up to new experiences and cultural appreciation. Many tourists hesitate to …

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