professions while traveling

Professions while traveling: earn money on vacation

Almost all jobs require knowledge and skills from individuals, with which they can complete some basic tasks. However, some professions – especially those that require the use of manual labor – are more practical and can certainly be useful outside of working hours, even in times of leisure and travel. In other words, there are professions that you can practice “off service” to facilitate your stay in a travel destination or even to earn an extra income, significantly covering the total cost of your trip. Here’s a short list of the best jobs you can do during your trip.. Bartender …

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gap year travel ideas

5 amazing gap year travel ideas

The year off, also known as a gap year, is the year spent between high school and university or after university and before getting a job. People usually take a gap year to travel and explore the world. It’s the year you set aside to become an explorer and have fantastic experiences doing something you’ve never tried before. It’s when you break your routine and do something completely different! There are so many gap year travel ideas, from volunteering in a wildlife reserve in Tanzania to learning Spanish and doing kite surfing in Ecuador! And for those on a tight …

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