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GPSmyCity walking tour app: 1k+ free city walks you won’t want to miss!

Many of you have undoubtedly heard of the GPSmyCity walking tour app, a mobile App that offers thousands of self-guided tours in cities all over the world. Their DIY city walks include thorough route maps, intriguing information, and step-by-step walking directions to sites of interest. You could pick a self-guided GPS tour from various themed walks such as Sightseeing Walks, Discovery Walks, and others in each of your following travel destinations. While map apps such as this one have been available for quite some time, GPSmyCity is always developing, adapting, and improving. Another advantage is that GPSmyCity is closely working …

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The Travel Bunny’s self-guided walking tours on GPSmyCity

The Travel Bunny’s mission has always been to help you easily plan your budget travel adventures. So far, I did my best to write detailed travelogues on the travel blog, and in-depth free travel guides. However, with the help of GPSmyCity, I’m taking things to the next level. I am transforming my blog posts and pages into self-guided walking tours. Tl;dr? Watch this video about GPSmyCity self guided tours! GPSmyCity App giveaway I truly believe the GPS-guided articles are one of the best ways to discover a city at your own pace. And I want you to try GPSmyCity for …

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