GPSmyCity walking tour app: 1k+ free city walks you won’t want to miss!

Many of you have undoubtedly heard of the GPSmyCity walking tour app, a mobile App that offers thousands of self-guided tours in cities all over the world. Their DIY city walks include thorough route maps, intriguing information, and step-by-step walking directions to sites of interest. You could pick a self-guided GPS tour from various themed walks such as Sightseeing Walks, Discovery Walks, and others in each of your following travel destinations.

While map apps such as this one have been available for quite some time, GPSmyCity is always developing, adapting, and improving. Another advantage is that GPSmyCity is closely working with travel bloggers to offer helpful tips, facts, and guidance in various travel destinations via their GPS-guided travel app!

What is GPSmyCity like?

What is GPSmyCity

GPSmyCity is working with travel bloggers and writers to improve their city walks by integrating GPS locations and walking routes and making them into GPS-guided tours. With the use of their iOS and Android devices, they enable travelers to explore a destination at their own pace via self-guided walking tours.

Articles are available for free download to your smartphone and are suitable for reading on the move. You may also pay a small fee to upgrade an article to use when you don’t have an Internet connection. The upgrade includes an offline map and GPS navigation aid to help you navigate the areas you visit!

The great news is that you can bring The Travel Bunny as your walking tour guide! All you have to do is to download the GPSmyCity app to uncover destination highlights together with some of my favorite hidden hot spots in cities all over the world. Several of my articles are currently accessible as self-guided walking tours on GPSmyCity. I promise you’ll never get lost again with the self-guided tours on your phone and The Travel Bunny as your virtual walking tour guide!

why use gpsmycity city walks
Enjoying a GPSmyCity walking tour in Venice, Italy

Why use a GPSmyCity walking tour?

I don’t know about you, but I get the majority of my information to plan a trip from travel blogs because I’d rather plan my holiday based on the recommendations of other travelers than on internet magazines, mass review platforms, or sponsored publications. Most travel bloggers are honest and open and what they have to say is more interesting to me. I appreciate their perspectives and believe in their recommendations.

It happens often that I find wonderful blog articles about a new destination. I take notes of what interests me, add these to a personal Google map, then carry that with me when I get to visit the place. But it’s not the most user-friendly option out there and I was happy to discover the GPSmyCity walking tour app that allows me easier access to bloggers’ recommendations, together with comprehensive maps that can also be used offline.

The benefits of using the GPSmyCity walking tour app

  • You can bring your favorite travel articles with you on the journey. It’s now easier than ever to bring your favorite blog posts with you wherever you’re going on vacation.
  • You have access to read your blog posts offline. You may bookmark the articles you’ll need for your journey and retrieve them whenever you choose, online or offline. It happens often to not have access to data or WiFi when traveling and exploring. With the GPSmyCity walking tour app, you can effortlessly download and store travel articles to your smartphone or tablet to access even when you are not connected to the Internet.
  • All articles also include maps and instructions on GPSmyCity. You no longer have to waste time manually looking for addresses and places because the GPSmyCity walking tour app has already done the legwork. You can obtain off-line GPS-guided use for a very small fee, so you’ll have directions right at your fingertips when you need them. A GPS-guided article includes GPS coordinates, a map, and the route the travel author proposed in their blog post.
  • You save a lot of money on tours. GPSMyCity walking tour app’s article applications may be upgraded for a fraction of the price of expensive guided city tours.
  • See everything at your own speed. Unlike many other guided city walks, the GPSmyCity walking tour app allows you to explore a new city on your own schedule. No more rushing through a tour or becoming separated from your group when you stop to snap photographs.
  • You get so many tours to choose from! There are many different articles and tours published by many different travel writers on GPSmyCity, so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

How the GPSmyCity walking tour app works

How to use the GPSmyCity walking tour app

  1. Download the free mobile app GPSmyCity: Walks in 1K+ Cities from the iTunes App Store or Google Play on your phone and create a new user account via the Account screen.
  2. Browse the existing travel articles and when you find one you like, simply download it for free. There are hundreds of travel articles on cities all around the world. You can search by city or just use any of The Travel Bunny’s articles mentioned below. This article will be accessible to you offline, to use anywhere and anytime.
  3. You have two subscription plans to choose from:
    • $12.99 plan offering access to all blog articles except GPSmyCity guides
    • $18.99 plan covering both blog articles and GPSmyCity guides.

gpsmycity travel app
Discover the perks of a premium GPSmyCity membership!

Why am I telling you about the GPSmyCity walking tour app?

First of all, I adore the concept of the GPSmyCity walking tour app! As previously stated, I am an enthusiastic blog reader and can easily see myself becoming a frequent travel app downloader. This travel app in particular is functional and affordable, and it makes your trips more pleasant.

Second, as some of you may know, several articles from The Travel Bunny are already available for download as GPS-guided apps on GPSmyCity! You can find an article list here.

Two new articles are available now:

And last but not least, there’s a giveaway!

GPSmyCity giveaway 2022

The Travel Bunny’s readers are eligible to get a one-year premium membership on GPSmyCity allowing them FREE access to all the guides and articles present on the city walks travel app.

To claim your free premium membership, you must:

  1. Download the GPSmyCity walking tour app.
  2. Go to the Account screen to register a new GPSmyCity user account. Then, go to the More screen and select Feedback to send them an email containing the following GPSmyCity promo code: 32280531
  3. You must claim your premium GPSmyCity account for free within one week of this announcement being posted. In other words, no later than next Tuesday, 7 June 2022!

Have fun planning your next vacation with the GPSmyCity walking tour app!

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