The Travel Bunny’s self-guided walking tours on GPSmyCity

The Travel Bunny’s mission has always been to help you easily plan your budget travel adventures. So far, I did my best to write detailed travelogues on the travel blog, and in-depth free travel guides.

However, with the help of GPSmyCity, I’m taking things to the next level.

I am transforming my blog posts and pages into self-guided walking tours.

gpsmycity self-guided walking tours app offline
Self-guided walking tours app offline

How does GPSmyCity work?

GPSmyCity is a travel article app, turning detailed articles from travel bloggers like myself into self-guided walking tours which can easily be followed by readers like you. This gives everyone the chance to recreate the journey that inspired them to travel in the first place.

Sure, it’s also easy to just bookmark the article. However, as a frequent traveler, I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t always get what you want. And by that, I mean internet connection. Even if you have lots of mobile data available, you won’t always get a signal or proper speed. This can feel frustrating and can be time-consuming, two things you don’t really need while on vacation, do you?

That’s where offline travel apps like GPSmyCity come in handy. Not only are they available wherever and whenever you need them, but they also save your phone’s battery life for the day. You may even get to leave the power bank at home the next time you’re packing your bag!

After downloading and installing GPSmyCity, this offline travel app allows you to browse through thousands of blog articles covering destinations from all over the world. These travel articles from GPSmyCity are available for free upload, to have them handy whenever you’re stranded without internet in a new city.

gps guided articles
Self-guided walking tours functionalities

What are GPS-guided articles?

GPSmyCity doesn’t only allow you to save great travel articles about where you’re planning to go. It can also put on a detailed tour map all the places mentioned by the blogger in the article you loved or (at least) found useful to your journey. So, when you visit, you get instructions on how to get there, and also all the information the travel blogger added about that place.

While there is a small fee to upgrade (about $2/GPS-guided article or $20/annual subscription), you can choose from over 6500 self-guided walking tours every time you’re planning a trip.

Try GPSmyCity and enjoy the freedom to discover the city on your own, through a self-guided walking tour. However, with each GPS-guided article you use, you’ll feel like the travel blogger who wrote it is your own personal guide, showing you around the city.

Tl;dr? Watch this video about GPSmyCity self guided tours!

gpsmycity travel app giveaway
Self-guided walking tours to cover the world!

GPSmyCity App giveaway

I truly believe the GPS-guided articles are one of the best ways to discover a city at your own pace. And I want you to try GPSmyCity for free to see what I mean. That’s why we are giving away the following article apps:

During the next week, you will be able to upgrade the apps for free and discover first-hand how easy it is to plan your travels with GPS-guided tours.

How to access the free GPS-guided articles

To access one of the free GPS-guided articles mentioned above, just click on it. You will then have to download and install the free GPSmyCity app. Then, you will get to the article you chose, which you can Upgrade to receive your GPS-guided article for free.

If you’ve already installed the GPSmyCity app you can either click on one of the links above or browse the app by the city to find the GPS-guided article you want.

The Travel Bunny’s self-guided walking tours on GPSmyCity

Below, you can find a full list of my travel articles on GPSmyCity. Some of them offer the possibility to upgrade to a paid GPS-guided article. Every time somebody does that, I receive a small commission of a few cents, which I will use to grow the blog.

GPS-guided articles with self-guided walking tours in Athens, Greece

GPS-guided articles with self-guided walking tours in Rome, Italy

Balkans GPS-guided articles with self-guided walking tours

Romania GPS-guided article

Dubai GPS-guided article

Bangkok self-guided walking tours

The Travel Bunny’s free travel advice on GPSmyCity

On GPSmyCity, you will also find some of my articles which are just free useful travel tips. They can help make traveling a more relaxing experience for you.

I really hope you’ll take my advice and try GPSmyCity. (Just hurry to also take advantage of the app giveaway which is only in the following week!)

I also hope that I managed to make your travels easier to plan and properly enjoy. Remember: travel more, worry less!

Do you use a self-guided walking tours app offline?

  • If yes, what are some of your favorite travel apps? Did you try GPSmyCity?
  • If not… well, why not? What would convince you to give them a go?

Contact me with any suggestions or questions you may have!

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