Top 5 tips for working while traveling in Mexico

Remote work is gradually becoming the norm across the globe. Most companies have realized that employees can be just as productive (if not more) when they are working outside the confines of an office.

That allows you to work from any location of your choice. As long as you have your laptop and a stable internet connection, you can join your colleagues for virtual meetings and collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. And if you are ready to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, the best choice you can make is working while traveling in Mexico.

From spectacular museums and ancient ruins to gorgeous beach resorts – Mexico packs a ton of attractions for all kinds of tourists. And then there are the vibrant local festivals, warm people, and drool-worthy cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, Mexico won’t disappoint.

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Working while traveling in Mexico: earn money on the go and explore an affordable country

The challenges of working while traveling in Mexico

Before you pack your bags and book that flight to Mexico, it is important to understand the reality of working while traveling. 

To begin with, you will have a hard time staying focused on work. It is difficult to sit down for a work meeting when the gentle waves of the Atlantic Sea allude to you in the background. Nor can you resist the temptation of sneaking into a local pub in the middle of a workday.

Also, traveling to new destinations can cause a massive disruption to your routine life. That, in turn, will make it even more difficult for you to remain productive and motivated. Of course in any new location having the lay of the land and an understanding of the local language can help you minimize the disruption, taking some time to learn Spanish can be a really helpful tool to help you get settled.

So, how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance and make the most of your time in Mexico? We will outline a few tips to help you take the plunge in the following sections.

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Working while traveling in Mexico: where will you do your job from?

Don’t ignore the basics

If you are like most people, your mind has already conjured visuals of spending afternoons on a sun-kissed beach and going museum hopping on the weekends. It is easy to get carried away with the excitement.

But if you want to enjoy a seamless remote work experience in Mexico, it is important to start planning early.

To begin with, ask your accommodation provider about the WiFi situation. Adding “high-speed WiFi” to the list of amenities doesn’t guarantee flawless internet connectivity. Ask them to conduct an internet speed test and provide you with screenshots of the results.

If you are unsure about WiFi speeds offered by the accommodation facility, identify alternative arrangements. Decide whether you will get a local SIM card or use an MVNO service, like Google Fi.

Next, research local cafes and restaurants in the areas you will be staying. Find out whether any of them provide free WiFi for guests.

It is just as important to inform your coworkers and senior team members about your travel plans. Also, find out whether you will need any specific documents other than a visitor’s visa to work remotely while in Mexico.

Create a realistic budget for the trip and ensure you have adequate funds to support yourself. Depending on your origin country, you will likely need to furnish your accommodation and return details before boarding a flight to Mexico. Book your return ticket on an airline that offers flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies.

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Working while traveling in Mexico: find a shared workspace and rent a desk

Find a dedicated workspace

Well, you could always set aside a corner of your hotel room for work. But that will mean staying inside your room for the most part of the week. Don’t be surprised if you sense a feeling of isolation creeping into your mind.

Many novice digital nomads try working from cafes and restaurants to stay motivated. If you go that route, you will soon realize that these places can be fairly crowded and loud during peak hours.

The good news is that there has been a surge of plush coworking spaces in Mexico that cater to the needs of digital nomads. Properties, such as Hotel Selina in downtown Cancun, offer top-notch co-working spaces along with accommodation facilities.

With a coworking space, you don’t have to worry about WiFi, power backups, and such. On the plus side, you get a chance to interact with and learn from other travelers. It helps you find a community of individuals who share your interests and passions.

Look for a coworking space that is situated close to the main attractions in the area. Also, find out whether they organize any workshops and events for guests.

That gives you plenty of opportunities to relax after a hectic week of virtual meetings, sales pitches, and more.

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Working while traveling in Mexico: make a daily routine that lets you enjoy the new place you’re visiting

Stick to your routine

A daily routine helps maintain a semblance of normal life, even when you’re in a different city or country. It creates a sense of familiarity and helps you stay productive throughout the day. Also, you will get more time to explore your surroundings and make the most of your stay in Mexico.

As a ground rule, you should maintain the routine you usually follow while working from home (or at the office).

But don’t be afraid to tailor it according to your travel preferences. For instance, instead of starting your day at the gym, you could go out for a walk on the beach, or you could enjoy a short hike before you start working.

Befriend the locals

A simple Google search will give you a list of museums, archaeological sites, hiking trails, beaches, and other attractions in Mexico. But if you have embraced the digital nomad life, you must be yearning to get away from the tourist hotspots.

Instead, you want to uncover Mexico’s hidden gems, such as abandoned cenotes and lesser-known historical attractions.

That’s why it is good to interact with the locals and ask for their suggestions. Visit the place where they prefer to spend their weekends and go for family outings. Ask them to recommend must-try delicacies at local bars and restaurants.

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Working while traveling in Mexico: pack light but take everything you need

Pack wisely for Mexico work and travel

Loose-fitting clothes, hats, sunscreen lotion, a pair of sunglasses, comfortable shoes – you already know that these are essential for a trip to Mexico. But if you’re planning to work during your stay in the country, you will need to look beyond the basics.

Make sure you carry a portable laptop table, backup batteries, and a spare phone to stay connected with your colleagues. Also, it is a good idea to get a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones.

While Mexico’s lively ambiance sets it apart, it could also be a major distraction when you’re working. That is why a pair of headphones is a must-have.

In conclusion

The best part about working while traveling is that you don’t have to squeeze your trip into a busy holiday weekend. Nor do you have to rush through the major tourist attractions in Mexico before your holiday is over.

You get a chance to explore the country at your pace and catch a closer glimpse of the vibrant Mexican culture.

Plan your trip in advance and figure out important details, such as internet speeds, power backup, etc., before your arrival. Create a daily routine that leaves room for your travel plans. And find a coworking space that lets you do your job without distractions when working while traveling in Mexico.

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