Common mistakes to avoid when you travel to Cancun, Mexico

The turquoise waters and white sands of Cancun, a well-known Mexican beach town, are the primary tourist attractions. Proper research would make your Caribbean vacation enjoyable. Improper planning often results in missed opportunities and wastage of your hard-earned money. 

You may not face a problem if you plan for a few basic requirements like buying food, booking tours, and exchanging money when you travel to Cancun. Also, ensure to pack all the necessities in your travel luggage.

Cancun gets bright sunshine for almost 250 days every year. It makes it a perfect destination for vacations throughout the year. The climate is tropical, and the weather in Cancun remains sunny and warm. Cancun receives 1,227 mm of rainfall in different parts of the year. But usually, the city receives rainfall from May to October. It is the wet season of the year.

Be smart while you travel to Cancun, Mexico, and find the list of mistakes that you must avoid.

expensive mistakes to avoid in cancun mexico
Exchanging money at the airport is one of the most expensive mistakes to avoid when you travel to Cancun

1. Currency exchange at the airport

A great exchange rate for your currency is not possible inside the airport, however you can get a better bargain at outside kiosks. It’s essential to carry cash in Cancun as many gift stores and restaurants do not accept payments via credit card. 

There are many currency exchange kiosks in the airport that give conversion services. But just like other airports around the globe, these kiosks are often crowded and you may not get a favorable rate. Avoid exchanging currency from the airport.

The exchange rate is often better than the airport in the town’s small kiosk. It is advisable to exchange your money for Mexican pesos outside the airport.

mistakes when you travel to cancun
Booking accommodation based only on cost is one of the most common mistakes when you travel to Cancun

2. Booking your hotel by considering only the price

Never book a hotel that is too far. When you plan a holiday in Cancun, it is always better to know the location of your hotel before booking. Most hotels are more than an hour away from the city center and you will miss all the fun in Cancun. A map feature must come into use to know the distance from the places of interest.

You can narrow down a hotel as per your budget to travel to Cancun. Also know the exact location of the property, whether on the beach or in the hotel zone of Downtown Cancun.

mistakes to avoid on cancun vacation
Getting a taxi at the airpot is a mistake inexperienced travelers make when they travel to Cancun Mexico

3. Hiring a taxi from the airport

Almost every hotel provides a shuttle as an extra service without charging. As soon as you come out of the airport after claiming your baggage, you will see an innumerable crowd of taxi drivers. You may feel distressed to get surrounded by many drivers. They end up screaming out various destinations and their costs.

Never pay more for taking a taxi service by booking it in advance from the airport when you travel to Cancun. Instead, you can contact your hotel a day before you are arriving. Share your travel details with your hotel manager, and they will provide you with a free shuttle service to the hotel from the airport.

4. Paying the listed price for everything

Bargain for the best cost to buy souvenirs and food. In Mexico, bargaining is part of life. Especially in places such as beach huts, food stands, and street fairs. Whether you wish to buy some authentic trinkets or a kg of figs, the sellers in the local market are open to negotiation to reach the final price.

Let the seller give you the best pricing before dictating the price you wish to pay. Most of the time, the seller comes with a second price, and the cost comes in between your expected price and his original price. For buying anything, always use cash to win a better price.

travel to cancun mistakes to avoid
Drinking unfiltered faucet water is one of the worst mistakes you can make when you travel to Cancun

5. Consuming faucet water

Always go for bottled water.

The most common mistake that a visitor makes is while consuming unfiltered water. It generally leads to an upset stomach. There is no issue while drinking water from the tap in Cancun as it meets all the safety requirements. It is always advisable to buy bottled water for drinking.

You can buy your favorite brand of water from a supermarket. The cost may come up to USD 4.5 per bottle. But it is better to pay for clean water rather than feeling sick on your Cancun vacation.

6. Taking services from stand-alone tour guides

Most of the single-owner tour guides are frauds.

Whether you wish to go island-hop by sailing boat, Mayan ruins, or even dive with whales, there is always a tour offered in Cancun. You will get many alternatives to book a day trip. You must be careful while booking as there are many options available. Chances of getting into a scam are easy if you become careless.

Never book a tour with a representative whom you met on the street. They often offer you an unbelievable price. Always go with brick-and-mortar stores that have brochures and many pictures. They also have customer testimonials to back up the services that they offer. If you wish to get the best price, book your tour with a private agency rather than from your hotel.

7. Visiting on a spring break

The best time to come to Cancun is generally in mid-May through November. It is the time to get rock bottom prices for your hotel stay and is not too crowded. You can enjoy yourself more in the city, and your vacation is well under your travel budget.

The tour is almost on a fifty percent discount on the price that runs during Spring break. You can enjoy the best of food at a much lower cost with the same quality. If possible, avoid planning your vacation in Cancun during Christmas and the Eve of New Year. 

Especially on spring break because it is the peak season for Cancun. Also, delay your holiday plan in the Mexican hurricane season that usually takes place from the end of July to the end of October.

Enjoy a peaceful vacation when you travel to Cancun

There are many places to visit around the globe. Knowing all the pros and cons of a place to visit is always better. It helps you in better planning, and you end up enjoying your holiday to the fullest. The sources of information are many, and it helps you in better planning your dream vacation.

You would not like to be under stress while visiting places of interest. The awareness makes you confident to visit places and makes your holiday memorable. The know-how of various spots in the city to tour also saves your time and money. 

So before heading to any destination, it is crucial to know everything about the place. It makes you comfortable with the surroundings and makes your travel a pleasant experience.

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