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Traveling is always a fantastic adventure and people love to explore new destinations within the country and abroad, and discover new things, places, and cultures. Most people travel abroad to finalize business deals with foreign companies or start a new venture in another country. Others travel for recreational purposes and return home with beautiful memories.

In all cases, getting around abroad implies using a car in many cases. And everyone wants to enjoy car safety and protection after parking at Newark Airport. Parking vehicles randomly brings travelers significant stress as they think about stolen things, damages, and other additional charges. So it’s imperative to choose the best car parking space. But choosing the best parking at Newark Airport is not easy!

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Parking at Newark Liberty International Airport

EWR airport is located in Newark, New Jersey, and is considered the third busiest commercial hub for United Airlines. The airport has commercial flights for the whole country, including Chicago, New York, Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Moreover, it also connects the United States to many Asian, European, and African countries. 

It’s been noticed that in just a few years the quantity of traffic has increased at Newark Airport because the travelers or passengers’ interest increased. And, nowadays, the Liberty International Airport contributes a handsome share to the economy of the country.

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Why do you need alternatives for parking at Newark Airport

It seems like an odd problem: when there is available parking at Newark Airport, why would you need other airport parking options for your car? There are several reasons that force travelers to change their minds and find other parking lots. These causes may include:

High parking rates at Newark Airport

Parking at Newark Airport can be expensive and use a big share of your travel budget, ruining your vacation before it even begins. Some parking garages can charge $20 per day with some additional taxes or fees.

Instead of leaving your car at the parking provided by the airport administration, you should find some other Newark airport parking alternatives that are in line with your budget.

There isn’t enough space

The other reason is that there isn’t enough parking space at Newark Airport to accommodate massive traffic, forcing you to find other parking options. As the airport is becoming more and more popular, the traffic ratio is increasing day by day, and it’s frequent to not find any parking spots at Newark Liberty Airport.

You don’t have good options for longtime parking at Newark Airport

Due to massive traffic, incoming and outgoing parking at Newark is not suitable for long-term stays. If you want to park your car for up to 7 or 8 days, you can encounter problems booking your spot, and, in the end, you’ll just end up looking for alternative airport parking.

parking at newark international airport
Parking at Newark Airport

How do you find alternatives to parking at Newark Airport?

The hectic task starts with searching for suitable and affordable parking near Newark Airport. Online platforms like Parkos can be the best choice to reserve your Parking at EWR. They offer assistance in finding various parking providers near Newark Airport with cheap parking rates. This way, you have 5 or 6 of the best parking options to choose from without any stress.

Aggregators usually suggest around ten providers for parking at Newark Airport, including:

  • Motel 6 Elizabeth-Newark Liberty International Airport
  • Red Carpet Inn Newark Airport Parking
  • EWR Parking 
  • EZ Way Parking EWR
  • Snap Parking (EWR)
  • Value Parking Newark Airport (EWR)

These are some parking providers near Newark Liberty Airport. Parkos also sorts the available parking at Newark Airport by price, facilities, and location. Using this feature, you can easily find out that EWR is the closest parking to Newark Airport, while Red Carpet Inn Parking is the cheapest of all the parking providers companies.

How does Parkos work?

Parkos is an online platform that assists customers with comparing various parking prices or rates at Newark Airport. It provides details about parking lots near the airport, including their parking rates and facilities so that travelers can easily compare all the available options before making a choice.

Parkos also offers online booking for parking spots to clients by directly dealing with the parking providers. After getting a positive response from the parking companies, they add them to the suggested list provided to their online visitors.

The platform works as a network to cover airports worldwide and offer the best online services to customers. It saves travelers money, time, and energy.

valet parking at newark airport
IndiaMart – Valet parking at Newark Airport

What services are offered by Parkos?

The company’s primary purpose is to facilitate the search for suitable parking spots near the airport. It understands the needs and demands of travelers and suggests reasonable and low parking lots to them. Other services include:

Free cancellation of booked parking spots

This means you won’t have to pay extra to cancel reserved parking. The platform understands that things happen and people need to cancel their travel plans (especially nowadays). That’s why they offer free cancellation services up to 24 hours before the departure date.

Fully Inspected Parking Avenues

Parkos’s policy is to never compromise on quality, no matter the consequences. Their experts carefully inspect all the parking lots and add to the website all the details regarding location, maintenance facilities, luggage storage area, shuttle services, and security parameters.

Self-parking and valet parking at Newark Airport

Parkos offers self-parking facilities, meaning travelers have to drive to the parking area by themselves and then take a shuttle service to get to the airport for their flights.

Valet parking at Newark Airport means that a staff member will pick up your car, leaving you at the airport to get to your flight faster.

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