best travel subscription boxes

The best travel subscription boxes for your wanderlust

A travel subscription box can be a great present for anyone since it provides the pleasure of receiving a surprise on a monthly or quarterly basis. Plus, the ability to choose from a number of options makes it more personal and worthwhile. Every month, anyone can be magically transported to some wonderful destinations thanks to travel-themed subscription boxes. Self-care kits, snack deliveries, discount coupons, and even free access are available through various services. Choosing a travel subscription box for a regular person is simple enough if you know their preferences and wants. However, for someone who travels frequently, it can …

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green travel destinations

Top 5 must-visit green travel destinations

Are you dreaming of walking barefoot across verdant pastures, lush green meadows, and exotic wildflowers? Spring and summer are the ultimate seasons to rejoice in greenery, vibrant blooms, and rich floral aromas dominating the air. And there are many beautiful green travel destinations to choose from! When one thinks of greenery, images of beautiful American national parks, Scottish highlands, and the Swiss Alps flood the mind. Nature lovers desire nothing more than to surround themselves with landscapes that merge dense forests with towering snow-laced peaks. Below, I’ve created a delightful roundup of breathtaking green travel destinations to inspire your greenery-seeking …

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singles over 60 vacation spots

8 incredible vacation spots for singles over 60

Solo travel is equally necessary for singles over 60 as much as it is for single people in their teens or early thirties. The number of single people above 60 who travel is growing day by day. Traveling gives them significant satisfaction and allows them to feel lighthearted. A solo trip for singles over 60 can turn out to be not only an incredible experience but also an opportunity to meet new like-minded people. Plus, your body will gracefully age if you take a vacation every six months or so. It’s all about embracing the old saying age is just …

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summer vacations famous destinations

Enjoy the best summer vacations in 5 famous destinations

Summer vacations are the perfect time to get out and explore the world once the dreary weather melts away. The brightness and vibrancy of the warm season make any trip fun and give you the energy you need to explore. After spending the previous year in lockdown, travelers are yearning to hop on a plane and start crossing off new destinations from their checklists. If you feel the same way and can barely wait to explore some of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots, we have a list for you to check out. In the following list, we’ll take you …

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optical illusions destinations

Destinations with optical illusions: Top 4 suggestions

Visual illusions are nothing more than our own mind playing tricks. To be more precise, most of optical illusions arise from the various processes that take place in our cerebral cortex, but some come from our retina. This cooperation between our brain and our eyes leads to this particular effect of visual illusions, which both impresses and surprises us. We must not ignore the fact that we live in a three-dimensional world, where our brain handles the visual perception of depth, shadow, and light – elements important in understanding optical illusion. These illusions can be found really all around us, …

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travel industry future

Travel industry future: Where will the tourism industry be in 1 year?

The travel industry has been seriously impacted in the year 2020. Just before travel restrictions were introduced, there were signs of a downturn in the travel economy. Now, every individual working in the travel industry needs to address and tackle the new challenges raised by the coronavirus that appeared in the past year. In this article, I will pass on what travel experts from the travel and hospitality industry shared yesterday at the WTM and Travel Forward Virtual Conference. A glimmer of hope: Insights into the recovery of global travel had three speakers: Rachel Read (Head of Communication, ETOA), James …

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most visited travel attractions

Top 50 most visited travel attractions in the world

Ever wondered what are the most visited travel attractions in the world? Whether it’s to add them to your bucket list or to avoid them while practicing social distancing, this infographic will answer that question for you! While you check out this list with the best travel attractions in the world, have a look at the high numbers of annual visitors. And then think about the travel industry today. Right now, most of us are giving armchair traveling a go from the safety of our homes. Others in less affected areas are visiting local tourist destinations, going camping, sailing, or …

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