istanbul trip attractions

Where East meets West: 6 must-visit attractions during your Istanbul trip

Istanbul is a melting pot of historical and cultural riches where the East meets the West. History enthusiasts and tourists with an appreciation for eclectic culture will surely admire Istanbul’s rich history. After all, with its geography spread over two continents, it has witnessed the rise and fall of many different civilizations. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a spiritual adventure, an Istanbul trip will also be your cup of tea as it is widely regarded as the cultural capital of different monothetic religious communities. And even if you are not a big fan of history and religion, the architectural …

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things to do in cappadocia turkey

Top 6 things to do in Cappadocia 2022

If you’re looking for an amazing and unique travel destination, look no further than Cappadocia in Turkey. This stunning region is home to some of the most incredible landscapes and attractions in the world. The famous dawn balloon flight over the fairy chimneys and breathtaking hikes are just the beginning. Wondering what to do in Cappadocia? Here are the top six things that will blow your mind! Because of the pending war in Ukraine, the only possible way to realize my road trip from Poland to Georgia was through Turkey. I marked some interesting points in Google Maps, and Cappadocia …

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