best time to visit antarctica

The best time to visit Antarctica for a magical experience

Antarctica, the frozen continent at the southernmost tip of the world, is a mesmerizing and remote destination that captivates adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Living the experience of cruising to Antarctica requires careful consideration of the best time to visit, as the continent experiences extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Antarctica is somewhere that will leave you with unforgettable memories whenever you visit, but deciding when to go will have an enormous impact on your trip. To have a truly magical experience in this pristine wilderness when you visit Antarctica, it’s crucial to choose the right time of year for …

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lake tahoe ski resorts

Best Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts for 2022-2023

Lake Tahoe is globally recognized for its diverse landscape, unique beauty, great now quality, lively nightlife, and incredible snow quality. The magnificent Lake Tahoe skiing region is basically divided into two-thirds California and one-third Nevada. Many ski publications have described the Lake Tahoe ski resorts as among the most beautiful in the world, and travelers on vacation at ski resorts in Lake Tahoe have echoed similar accolades. In 1853, the Placerville Herald declared that gold had been discovered at the base of the Carson-Sierra Range and that the area will become a world-renowned place. Except for the gold, the article …

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holiday travel season

How to survive the holiday travel season

The holiday season is almost upon us, and people from around the world are planning to drive home for the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas vacation. The idea of holiday travel can be a daunting prospect, especially this year. Luckily, if you can keep a few things in mind, the coming holiday travel season doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it used to be. Just read the tips below and apply them for both international and domestic travel. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, The Travel Bunny will …

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skiing in france

Skiing in France: Tips for skiing the French Alps

If you love skiing, there’s nothing more thrilling than the possibility of skiing in France. If you want to discover some of the world’s best downhill runs or heading cross country, France is a paradise for skiers and certainly not to be missed by any winter sports enthusiast. Surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the world, fresh alpine air, and beautifully contoured runs, you will live a once in a lifetime experience. It’s no wonder France is regarded as one of the greatest skiing nations in the world! While planning to go skiing in France, you’d be …

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skiing in bulgaria

Skiing in Bulgaria at Bansko & Pamporovo

Okay, so I know Bulgaria isn’t likely to be the first place that comes to mind when you’re looking for ski holiday destinations. However, you will be shocked to learn that skiing in Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular ski area for vacationers across Europe and from all over the world. Bulgaria is starting to develop into an urban, metropolitan nation. This Southeastern European nation has a remarkable breadth of history and culture and is truly a fantastic place to explore! As a result of national growth, the development of this inherent passion for skiing in Bulgaria is evident across …

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