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10 places every traveler needs to visit in Italy

Italy ranks the highest in every traveler’s bucket list because of the historical places, exotic landscapes, delicious cuisines, awe-inspiring architecture, and what not. Culturally-rich Italy is no less than a tour to witnessing interesting events, sacred sites, and natural beauty. You only have a limited time to see Italy? Still, you shouldn’t skip on the…

Here’s the ideal time to explore Australia

Considering that Australia is a remarkably beautiful and enormously large country, there is no perfect or imperfect time to explore it. It all depends on the destination you choose. In other words, your decision of when to visit Australia should depend on which part of the country you are planning to explore. Twelve Apostles, Australia…

How to sleep on a plane: Tips to beat jet lag

Nothing can ruin the excitement of travelling quite like jet lag. Uncomfortable seats, limited legroom, noisy neighbours and turbulence can make falling asleep on a plane feel impossible. If you often struggle to get a decent amount of shuteye while flying, you’re not alone. Plenty of travellers experience jet lag, but making some simple changes…

Who is the hotel guest of 2020? (Infographic)

A hotel is no longer just a place to lay down your head for the night. The modern hotel is awash with luxurious features that provide an unforgettable guest experience, with unprecedented standards of hospitality from hotel staff who are committed to delivering supreme levels of service. This infographic from Ard na Sidhe Country House…

How to plan a destination wedding

A destination wedding is unique and magical. You can make your dream wedding come true if you have always wanted get married away from home. There are many romantic vistas and locales including ancient castles, sunny beaches, tropical sandy places, and iconic city skylines wedding venues in the world. Such wedding venues are gorgeous, but…

10 dreamy places to visit with your partner

In today’s stressful and busy time, in order to maintain a strong bond, it’s imperative that couples take out time for each other and go on long tours to romantic and relaxing locations together. If you are planning to go on a trip with your better half and are looking for some dreamy, picture-perfect yet…

Best places in Europe to visit on a budget

Europe is no longer the playground of the rich. It’s a budget traveler’s dream-come-true as well, as we’ll prove to you. Europe, on the one hand, is a terrific mix of landscape, history, culture and architecture. On the other hand it’s this monster that gobbles up cash as fast as you’re able to dole it…

Riding the Athens coastal tram

While on a visit to Piraeus, Mathieu and I made plans to sail the Mediterranean while sipping on Sangrias. It was during our family trip to Athens, but we had split up from my parents for the day, as we were looking to explore the area in different ways. They chose to go on an…

Backpacking in the mountains: A guide for newbies

Whether you are an adventurous crew down to the core or are only beginning to realize your love for such activities, then a mountain safari trip is definitely a good choice for you. While it may be daunting at first, you should be just fine if you have ample knowledge about what you need to bring and how to go about planning your trip.

How to travel in Dubai on a budget

There’s always a way to find a cheaper alternative to most things, and we’re here to tell you exactly how to travel to Dubai on a budget.

3 reasons why you should celebrate Christmas in Madrid

December has begun, and Christmas is just around the corner: so, if you’ve ever dreamed of saying Feliz Navidad in a caliente tone of voice, now’s your time to do it. In fact, there are hardly any cities that go deep into the Christmas spirit as Madrid does. If that sounds like you, this is…

Mathieu’s adventures: The beautiful hike to Bastei Bridge, in Saxony

I ended up going on a hike to Bastei Bridge because I had to work from Germany (Saxony) for a few days in April. Close to the end of the week, a German colleague shot the obvious question during lunch: What did you plan for this weekend? My colleagues and I didn’t have anything planned,…

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