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I know that planning a wonderful holiday can be tedious and stressful, especially after working hard at the office. That’s why I put together unique and complete travel guides where you have all the useful information to relax and be carefree not only during your vacation, but also before it.

Making your travels easy to plan, budget-friendly, and absolutely amazing!

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Affordable Travel

The goal is to see and experience as much as possible in every trip. And to travel as often as one can. Therefore, my travel suggestions are not meant to make a whole in your budget, but to help you save some for future holidays, while not missing out on anything in your current one.

Honest Reviews

I write about the good and the bad regarding the places I’ve stayed at, ate and drank at, or visited. Paid or not, those articles will always reflect my honest opinions. While reading them, you’ll learn about all the places I’ve really loved or the ones I truly hated and would never return to.

Complete Travel Guides

I’ve always been great at planning, no matter for what. I like knowing what I can find in an area I visit, how long it takes to explore and how much it can cost. That way, I can always afford to leave room for the unexpected, which is how some of the best memories are born.

Imagine your next vacation!

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  • Visit the best museums and discover the place through interesting cultural events
  • Taste mouth-watering food and sip on the most delicious drinks
  • Listen to great music and dance until sunrise
  • Explore lovely bookshops, hidden on forgotten streets and passageways
  • Enjoy the sunset from the best spot in town.

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Mirela, The Travel Bunny's author
Mirela, The Travel Bunny’s author

Hi! My name is Mirela, and I’m the owner of The Travel Bunny Travel Blog. I am a Romanian travel blogger, a problem solver, and a wannabe coffee guru.

Guest bloggers on The Travel Bunny
Guest bloggers on The Travel Bunny

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