visit ghent belgium

Visit Ghent, Belgium: Quick travel guide

Ghent, also known as Gent, is a popular destination in Belgium. The word Gent is actually the Dutch spelling for the town of Ghent, Belgium, and the two words are sometimes used interchangeably. When you visit Ghent, you will discover it is packed with interesting things to see and do. Travelers will immerse themselves in Belgium’s culture and history by visiting a multitude of abbeys, beguinages, churches, castles, historic monuments and museums spread across the city of Ghent. Once, Ghent, Belgium was second only to Paris, France, in terms of success and scale. In the 1830s, Ghent showed clear signs …

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visit brussels belgium

Visit Brussels: A brief travel guide

When you visit Brussels (Bruxelles), you get to discover a modern city, rich in both medieval and art-nouveau buildings. The capital city of Belgium has a long history behind it and you will get to discover it through its many museums and galleries. It also has a lively cultural life. Brussels city is also the administrative center of the European Union, which has given the city the title of capital of Europe. The business sector in Brussels is booming with foreign agencies embedded in the region, but not at the cost of rich cultural history. The juxtaposition of past and …

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things to do in bruges

10 best things to do in Bruges

A timeless spectacle, medieval Bruges (Brugge) is a charming travel destination. Its architectural treasures are a feast to the eye, showing a city with a rich history. Beautiful canals and narrow cobbled streets capture your imagination and entice you to discover more and more. So here are the best 10 things to do in Bruges to keep you going! Top 10 things to do in Bruges 1. Visit the Markt (Market Square) Probably the most popular choice of things to do in Bruges, a visit to the Market Square is a must! There, you can watch the world go by …

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visit bruges travel guide

Visit Bruges: A short travel guide

When you visit Bruges (Brugge), you will explore the capital of Flanders, one of Belgium’s three regions. Its name comes from the Old Norse word Bryggja, which means place of mooring. This ancient city, with its natural links to the sea, became in the early medieval period a commercial hub for European trade. It was a port full of ships carrying wool, grain, and wine. Within a short time, the door opened for trade with Mediterranean nations, and the first fleet of ships arrived from Genoa, Italy. With the rise in foreign trade and capital inflows, Bruges quickly became an …

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visit antwerp travel guide

Visit Antwerp: A brief travel guide

When you visit Antwerp, you get to see the second-largest city of Belgium and the second-largest port of Europe, after Rotterdam. The city is a leading commercial center renowned for cutting, trading, and polishing diamonds. And in the last two decades years, Antwerp has been one of the leading fashion design cities in Europe. A little history before you visit Antwerp The name Antwerp has been related to the word aanwerp (alluvial mound) which was a geographical feature in the early settlement period. The early records related to this historic site take us back to the7th century BC. In the …

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