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I am most active on Instagram, trying to post daily an image related to the latest blog article. And, whenever I’m travelling, I’m adding stories and creating highlights on the go, sort of like a preview of what you’ll soon get to read about on the Travel Bunny blog.

On Facebook, you’ll find updates on recently published articles, plus a few posts and videos which are travel-related and I shared because I found interesting. You’ll also find albums created after each series of articles (e.g. The Balkans, Roman Holiday etc.)

Pinterest is where you’ll find pins highlighting the articles and photos from The Travel Bunny blog. I also curate and share a lot of content I find useful quite frequently.

On Twitter I usually schedule content ahead and every day I try to take my followers in a different area on the world map. So whatever country the day begins with, expect the rest of the tweets to be from the same continent.

I also try to be (more) present on tumblr, mix, and Flipboard.

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