eating in greece

Eating in Greece like a local

When you wander the streets of Athens or some other beautiful Greek city for hours, you’re definitely going to get hungry at one point. To make it easier for you to dine and wine in Greece here is some useful information about eating in Greece. When should you eat in Greece Most Greeks start their mornings by having an Ellinikos cafe for breakfast. Don’t worry, though this is a common custom in some European countries (e.g. France or Italy), you will be able to have a proper breakfast at your hotel, at a café or restaurant. In the Greek Island of Corfu, for …

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day trip from salzburg to hallstatt

Beautiful day trip from Salzburg to visit Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a small town in the Austrian Alps that puts The Sound of Music to shame! The best way to enjoy a full-day trip from Salzburg to visit Hallstatt is to start your journey by rail. The train goes straight up into the Austrian Alps and drops you off by the edge of the mountain. Once there, you sit in a little hut and wait for the Halstatt ferry to turn up and carry you across the lake to the Alpine town of Hallstatt. There, you don’t see any cars, and it’s just like a trip into the past. …

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austria off the beaten path travel destinations

3 best travel destinations in Austria off the beaten path

Say Austria and everybody talks of Vienna and Salzburg. However, besides these fantastic travel destinations, I want to tell you a bit about visiting Austria off the beaten path. Come with me to Zell am See, Bad Gastein, and Innsbruck! 1. Zell am See Zell am See is a name that rolls off the tongue, but that pleasure pails in contrast to the location. Sometimes characterized as paradise on earth, Zell am See is a fantastic spot in the Austrian Alps. With mountains on one side and a lake on the other, the city looks like something out of a …

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schloss kapfenstein castle austria

The lovely Schloss Kapfenstein on my last day in Austria

Our tour through Eastern Styria continued with a visit to Schloss Kapfenstein, another medieval fortress that has been converted into a castle and is now home to a fine restaurant and hotel. So, on my last day in Austria, I had a delicious lunch on the outdoor terrace of the castle while admiring the distant Carinthian and Slovene mountains. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, The Travel Bunny will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you! About Schloss Kapfenstein Schloss Kapfenstein …

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riegersburg castle austria

A fascinating visit to Riegersburg castle

My final day in Austria had arrived but it was going to be an exciting one! My brother Tobias and my sister-in-law Anna planned a trip to two castles. The first was one of Styria’s true medieval treasures: the Riegersburg castle, a majestic fortress that was built in the 11th century in the strategically important border region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This formidable fortification has withstood numerous assaults from the east and has never been defeated! Some useful information about Styria Styria is one of the less known provinces of Austria, most travelers being more familiar with the regions around …

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