The island of Lombok: Full activities guide (Infographic)

Lombok Island is deemed as Indonesia’s secret gem: an entire world of unspoiled beauty waiting to be explored.

With thousands of new investors and the consistent efforts of the Indonesian government to transform the island of Lombok as one of the 10 new Balis, the place is quickly becoming the hot spot for development and growth and a priority tourism zone. Posh hotels, swanky eateries, and boutiques are sprouting along with the islands, creating a mass influx of tourists.

But that is not all! Modern travelers seeking more than just urban wonders will fall in love with the natural unfiltered beauty of the island of Lombok Indonesia.

The best part about this exotic destination is its laid-back aura and family-friendly atmosphere. Looking for something even more secluded to truly relax? Why not head to the more inaccessible spots, such as the Tanjung Ringgit Eco Region, a beautifully preserved wonder in the South-east region of the island of Lombok. This ecoregion is a glorious amalgam of distinct limestone cliffs, exclusive to this Island. Its pink-sand beaches and dive sites will thrill all adventure junkies.

Clean minds and souls, majestic views, lush greenery, and pristine white beaches are all within reach on the island of Lombok!

island of lombok infographic
Island of Lombok Infographic

Best things to do on the Island of Lombok

How to get there?

  • By regular international & domestic flights
  • [The] fast boat is the most popular [option] from Padang Bai.

Seasons of Lombok

  • The wet season lasts from around October to April
  • The dry season lasts from May to October.

Key features

  • Location: 8.6510° S, 116.3249° E
  • Area: 4,725 km²
  • Capital: Mataram
  • Airport: Lombok International
  • Main Port: Lembar Harbour

Fun fact

  • Lombok literally means chili. The island is famous for its spicy chili peppers.


  • Best time of [the] year: May-September. Diving is possible all year round, but visibility may be reduced during the rainy season between December & January.
  • August is a good time to search for hammerheads in south Lombok.
  • Perfectly calm, crystal clear, turquoise water
  • Unique flora & fauna, healthy reefs
  • Friendly turtles


  • Water-rafting events on the Island of Lombok:
    • Global Journeys Bali & Lombok
    • Hike, Bike & Raft
  • Incredible journey floating through the jungle
  • Extensive training at the starting point with a focus on water safety
  • Best time of the year: The wet season before the rains get too heavy! The water flow can be minimal during the dry season.


  • You’re hanging in the sky, feet off the ground, soaring like a bird!
  • Adventure tours for longer time frames
  • Equipment hire is available for your Indonesia travel adventures
  • Locations: Prabu, Ar Guling, Torok Bare, Seger, Merese Hill, Totok Air Beleq, Batu Hidung, Mekaki, Sepi, Meang, Surgar Beach, Kalintan, Anak Dara, Pergasingan.


  • Best time of the year: all year round!
  • In the dry season, the best surfing is in the early morning in west Lombok.
  • Strong western swells tend to hit during the dry season. Trade winds after 9 am to ruin the swell.
  • The wet season tends to be cleaner with better swells and warmer waters.
  • Desert Point: home to the best left-handers, with consistent surd and not as crowded
  • The surf destination of choice for Rip Curl’s World tour, as well as Asia’s very own surf championships
  • Surf camps are located all over the coasts of Lombok, but the best waves are in the South.


  • Best time of the year: During the dry season, May-October
  • There are numerous dirtbike tours to choose from on the Island of Lombok:
  • Dirtbiking in the Kuta Area: Visit the best off-road tracks
    • Pick up from your hotel in the Kuta Lombok area
    • Visit 3 tracks between 9 am and 12 pm
    • 2-hour lunch break and rest
    • Visit 3 tracks between 2 pm and 4 pm
    • Watch the sunset from a hilltop
  • Moto GP Lombok 2021
    • Indonesia is set to host a world-class motorbike racing championship for which a track is now being developed around the Mandalika area.


  • The mighty Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano (3,726 m). At the very top, you’ll find the crater lake filled with the bluest water you’ll see on the island.
  • UNESCO Geopark: a rich and diverse landscape ranging from savannah to lower montane evergreen forests
  • Night-hike up the volcano, pitch a tent, then wake up above the clouds to watch the sunrise over the deciduous forests teeming with wildlife below
  • Best time of the year to visit the island of Lombok: trekking opens from April until January


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