Europe’s best food adventure holidays

During food adventure holidays, you will hike or cycle your way across a region. All the while, you will be sampling its unique epicurean delights along the way. Food adventure holidays are a way to gain a deeper appreciation of a region’s gastronomic culture while admiring the sights.

Food tourism is becoming an increasingly popular sub-industry. Many holidaymakers are combining tastings of indigenous cuisines with fabulous walking and cycling routes across the continent. From Ireland in the west all the way over to Greece in the east, there are so many food adventure holidays to choose from!

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Europe is home to some of the finest food-producing regions in the world, many of which are surrounded by fascinating culture and scenery that are well worth exploring. We’ve picked out some of the best foodie adventure destinations from around the continent.


Country: Ireland

  • Dingle, a vibrant, picturesque town in the southwest of Ireland, is renowned for its magnificent scenery and local seafood delicacies.
  • The town holds an annual food festival which includes a Taste Trail that allows visitors to explore the locality and enjoy food tastings in a great variety of bars, restaurants, and cafés.
  • In addition to seafood, the area is also known for offering fantastic desserts such as cheesecakes, brownies and ice cream sandwiches.


Country: Italy

  • The Tuscany region of Italy is an ideal place for a foodie holiday, with an abundance of vineyards dotted in and around Renaissance cities (including Florence) and medieval towns and villages.
  • Wine tasting is naturally a popular activity here, not least the local Chianti variety, and the region also boasts some fantastic hill walks that are perfect for gentle exploration and sightseeing. They provide stunning views of Tuscany’s natural wonder without being difficult to climb.

Prosecco Hills

Country: Italy

  • The world-famous prosecco wine is produced in a remote, spectacular region of northeast Italy which provides fabulous walking routes away from large crowds.
  • The region is illuminated by ancient terraced vineyards, providing a magnificently colorful backdrop, and there are several charming medieval villages which are ideal for walking or cycling tours. Indeed, there are numerous routes already marked out for adventure holidaymakers.


Country: Greece

  • The Saronic Islands and rugged coastline of the Peloponnese region offer a magnificent blend of cuisine and adventure, with cycling routes through pistachio farms and numerous olive groves open to visitors.
  • In Poros, you can sample local delicacies with flavorings such as ouzo and olive oil, while history enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Theatre of Epidaurus and Treasury of Atreus.

Galicia & Douro Valley

Countries: Spain, Portugal

  • There’s plenty of opportunities to combine wonderful walks and wholesome food along the northwest Spanish and Portuguese coastline.
  • You can learn how to cook a Galician feast in the coastal Spanish city of Vigo, try the Douro Valley’s exquisite wines and experience guided foodie tours of Porto. Each location has its own charm while providing plenty of enjoyment for food and wine lovers.


Country: Denmark

  • The West End Gourmet tour is one of the best food adventure holidays in Copenhagen. It gives you a tremendous taste of authentic Nordic delicacies in conjunction with viewing this charismatic part of the Danish capital.
  • The tour takes you along the city’s meatpacking district, where you can learn about how the old factories were developed into what is now a hotspot of culture.
  • There are numerous food tastings along the way, all of which add up to what is effectively a full meal. The offerings include two large open-faced sandwiches known as smorrebrod, artisan cheese, gourmet chocolate, and local craft beers.


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