eating in chiang mai thailand

Eating in Chiang Mai Thailand vs. North America

Foreigners enjoy their hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks. But when it comes to eating in Chiang Mai, the locals just want to have some rice for every dinner. So after spending most of my life in Canada, why did I end up retiring in Chiang Mai, Thailand? As in every major city, there is an array of fine dining restaurants in Chiang Mai Thailand, appealing to diverse tastes and budgets. Thai people love eating in Chiang Mai. The local restaurants are full of Thais and foreigners eating all sorts of Chiang Mai food. Rather than dealing with the fine restaurants …

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guatemala food

Best Guatemala food that you don’t want to miss

Traditional Guatemalan food is amazing! In this article, you will learn which dishes from Guatemala you need to try. Guatemala is a great country to travel through. It is a perfect destination because its nature is breathtaking and everything is pure: it’s like going back in time. When you are in Guatemala you experience travel like never before. It’s one of those countries where tourism hasn’t yet taken over everything. Guatemalan cuisine isn’t known all over the world, but this doesn’t mean that Guatemala food isn’t good or anything. We can tell you this: every time you eat Guatemala food …

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belgian chocolate

History of Belgian chocolate from 300 AD to present day

We know that chocolate is addictive. We know it might be fattening because it contains a lot of sugar. Does that stop us? Of course, it’s not! Chocolate is the favorite addiction of both old and young and you will find almost any kind of chocolate to please even the most pretentious of us. However, ask foodie travelers where the best chocolate in the world comes from and most will tell you that Belgian chocolate is among the finest, if not the greatest out there! Belgian chocolate, as we know it today, originated in the 19th century. However, chocolate itself …

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what to eat in brussels belgium

What to eat in Brussels Belgium

You may end up choosing to visit Belgium’s capital only because you’re fascinated with what to eat in Brussels. The city’s center has a large variety of restaurants serving fine dishes and ales. And no trip to Brussels is complete without a visit to the Belgian Chocolate Shoppe to buy some treats for the long way back home! What to eat in Brussels From the typical Belgian & French food in and around the Grand Place to the more exotic ethnic choices such as the delicious Italian dishes provided by the Brussels restaurants in Little Italy (along rue Franklin), Brussels …

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eating in greece

Eating in Greece like a local

When you wander the streets of Athens or some other beautiful Greek city for hours, you’re definitely going to get hungry at one point. To make it easier for you to dine and wine in Greece here is some useful information about eating in Greece. When should you eat in Greece Most Greeks start their mornings by having an Ellinikos cafe for breakfast. Don’t worry, though this is a common custom in some European countries (e.g. France or Italy), you will be able to have a proper breakfast at your hotel, at a café or restaurant. In the Greek Island of Corfu, for …

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