travel checklist hiking backpack

Travel checklist for your hiking backpack

Packing for a hike can be a balancing act – you want to ensure that you have everything you need without carrying around too much weight. Therefore it’s important to know which items are non-negotiable and which are useful rather than essential to have. That’s why we thought a travel checklist will be useful to many people going hiking. The infographic below contains a travel checklist with must-have items and also shows you how to pack for a single-day or multi-day hike. Here is the travel checklist for your hiking backpack infographic in full, followed by the transcript for anyone using …

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food adventure holidays europe

Europe’s best food adventure holidays

During food adventure holidays, you will hike or cycle your way across a region. All the while, you will be sampling its unique epicurean delights along the way. Food adventure holidays are a way to gain a deeper appreciation of a region’s gastronomic culture while admiring the sights. Food tourism is becoming an increasingly popular sub-industry. Many holidaymakers are combining tastings of indigenous cuisines with fabulous walking and cycling routes across the continent. From Ireland in the west all the way over to Greece in the east, there are so many food adventure holidays to choose from! Below, you can …

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