essentials to pack

Stylish essentials that can fit in any carry-on

Packing a carry-on for travels always seems daunting. There are so many things we consider essentials that we want to bring but such little space! How do you stay stylish on your trip while utilizing the little space available on a carry-on? The key to this is outfit planning! This will save you energy, time, and money on your trip. Packing smart and light requires a few principles and tips to avoid inconveniences and ensure travel efficiency such as… Get to choose the right suitcase to fit everything you need for the trip Investing in multipurpose items is always ideal …

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hiking trip essentials

Hiking trip essentials for stress-free travel

In today’s modern world, we have a plethora of gadgets and accessories to choose from that can make traveling solo easier and more enjoyable. However, it’s difficult to single out the best hiking trip essentials, especially when we start to worry about misplacing or losing that expensive equipment during our travels. But if you manage to avoid packing anxiety before you even depart, you can make sure your trip is as pleasant and relaxing as it can be. So here are some hiking trip essentials for stress-free travel: 1. Make a detailed packing list Before you even start packing for …

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best backpacking in california

The best backpacking in California

The state of California is one of the best backpacking locations on the planet. It is because it has some incredible sites and amazing wilderness that travelers find fascinating. Apart from having numerous agricultural farms, California is also home to incredible national parks, several deserts and breathtaking mining towns all waiting for you to explore. Nearly the whole state has tracks of land with separate backpacking locations that you will not only enjoy but also find interesting. So here’s where you can experience the best backpacking in California! 1. Black Sands on the Lost Coast Black Sands Beach is an …

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travel checklist hiking backpack

Travel checklist for your hiking backpack

Packing for a hike can be a balancing act – you want to ensure that you have everything you need without carrying around too much weight. Therefore it’s important to know which items are non-negotiable and which are useful rather than essential to have. That’s why we thought a travel checklist will be useful to many people going hiking. The infographic below contains a travel checklist with must-have items and also shows you how to pack for a single-day or multi-day hike. Here is the travel checklist for your hiking backpack infographic in full, followed by the transcript for anyone using …

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nayo exp review

Nayo EXP review, the versatile expandable backpack

This summer, Mathieu and I got to try out two Nayo Smart backpacks during our road trip through Romania. While I packed my things in the Nayo Almighty large backpack, Mathieu made good use of the Nayo Almighty normal backpack. Any frequent traveler will tell you that good travel gear increases the quality of your trip. And we were very happy with our backpacks, as we told you all in our Nayo Almighty review! Given your interest in the Nayo Smart products after our review, the company sent us another backpack to test. So thanks to you, this blog post …

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nayo almighty review

Nayo Almighty review – a smart travel backpack

As promised in yesterday’s post, I’m here to tell you about the new travel backpacks Mathieu and I used on our road trip through Romania, a couple of weeks ago. Below, you will be able to read our detailed Nayo Almighty review, after testing the travel backpacks in multiple situations. Discovering Nayo Smart In June, Mathieu and I went for sailing lessons at the Black Sea, then on a short road trip in Romania’s Dobrogea region, plus the Danube Delta. We chose to travel with backpacks because they offer so much more flexibility than rolling luggage, suitcases or duffel bags. …

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backpacking in the mountains

Backpacking in the mountains: A guide for newbies

Living in the moment is what humans are born to do. So the next time you’re going on a holiday adventure with your best buddies, try something new. Like backpacking in the mountains. Whether you are an adventurous crew down to the core or only uncovering your love for such activities, then a mountain safari trip is definitely a good choice for you. While it may be daunting at first, you should be just fine if you have ample knowledge about what you need to bring and how to go about planning your trip. What to bring when backpacking in the mountains When …

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