Romantic island getaway: What to do on Maui Island

Are you and your partner interested in a romantic island getaway? If you quickly search the internet, you’ll soon find that Maui comes highly recommended. That’s why you might want to find out what to do on Maui Island so that you and your significant other enjoy the perfect island getaway together!

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maui island getaway
Maui Island getaway for couples

Discover Maui’s beautiful beaches

Even if you have no idea what to do on Maui Island, you probably already know it has beautiful beaches. In fact, it is often said that the beaches are one of the reasons why so many vacationers choose Maui for a romantic island getaway.

You can enjoy a wide number of exciting yet romantic trips along the beach or even in the water, as well as a bit of basking on the shoreline. Guided boat tours, snorkeling, and scuba diving are also available along the coast. Whether you’re in the sea, above it, or along the shoreline, the ocean waves will leave a strong impression on your memory, helping you remember your romantic island getaway for a very long time.

See Maui from above

While it’s more than possible to spend your entire holiday on the beach, you might want something more. Don’t waste too much time wondering what to do on Maui away from the beach: just go see this beautiful island from the sky!

Numerous Maui helicopter tours take off every day. At a relatively affordable price, you and your partner may be able to see and experience Maui from a whole new perspective. This is one of the best ways to make the most of your romantic island getaway in Maui and it’s highly unlikely either of you will forget it anytime soon!

romantic island getaway maui
Romantic island getaway in a Maui luxury resort

Relax in a Maui luxury resort

While it’s important to look ahead for events and sights you can check out during your romantic island getaway, it’s also important to book amazing accommodation in Maui. Where you choose to stay on Maui can bring a whole different set of enjoyable and romantic things to experience together with your loved one.

That is why many choose a luxury hotel or a resort for their romantic island getaway. Most of them come with swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, hot tubs, beauty salons, restaurants, and golf courses. In fact, if you choose to stay at a luxury resort in Maui, there is a good chance that you two may never want to leave the premises for the entire length of your romantic island getaway!

Or stay in a private Maui villa on your romantic island getaway

You may also enjoy spending your romantic island getaway in a spacious Maui villa, in a romantic atmosphere. Although you may not have access to as many on-site amenities and facilities as you would have while in a luxury resort, you will find that many Maui villas are still absolutely stunning. In reality, depending on the villa you choose to rent, you may have access to a swimming pool, a sauna, or a hot tub. You can quickly customize your quest to make sure that you get what you want.

Once you’ve officially decided that a romantic island getaway in Maui is right for you and your loved one, start planning and booking your stay. The sooner you book, the sooner romance comes to you!

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