Spring break South Padre Island

Spend a spring break South Padre Island and discover an amazing travel destination, particularly for college students. While delivering the standard spring break holiday with sand, sun, and fun (the latter being a nod to crazy late-night parties, booze, wet t-shirt contests, and unexpected hook-ups), a spring break South Padre Island offers many other activities to spend the perfect vacation.

spring break south padre island fishing
Spring break South Padre Island: Beach reach

1. Fishing on South Padre Island

South Padre Island has developed a worldwide reputation among fishermen. Half-day and full-day fishing trips in the Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico go for prices that can fit almost any budget. Of course, costs vary depending on your expertise, the distance you want to sail (how far offshore) and your lifestyle demands.

Since you are fishing in the Gulf and not some small lake from back home, the list of fish you can capture is quite long. The most notable fish you can catch are whiting, drum, flounder, trout, redfish, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, marlin and sailfish.

2. Windsurfing during spring break South Padre Island

Spring break is clearly the best opportunity for windsurfers to practice their skills in South Padre Island during the spring season. Known as one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world, South Padre Island delivers some of the fastest windsurfing speeds in North America in areas like the Bay, the Jetties, Bocas Chica and the Ditch.

spring break south padre island kiteboading
South Padre spring break: Kiteboarding

3. Kiteboarding on South Padre Island

University spring breakers never shy away from a challenge, so kiteboarding is a popular choice when they’re on spring break on South Padre Island. One of the fastest-growing and hottest sports on the beach at the moment, kiteboarding is daring and adrenaline pumping. South Padre Island, with its consistent winds that offer near-perfect flat-water conditions to both beginners and experts, is a great place to hone your kiteboarding skills.

4. Going on a day trip to Matamoros, Mexico

What’s spring break vacation without a souvenir? And what is spring break like in South Padre Island without a trip to Matamoros, Mexico?!

Dine on authentic Mexican cuisine, enjoy the local museums, and fall in love with Mexican culture. Go bargain shopping across the border and you’ll find silver, leather jackets, handmade goodies, and much more as you stroll through the busy markets of this old Mexican town. All this, just 30 minutes away from your safe spring break South Padre Island!

While this isn’t a very in-depth list of things to do during your spring break South Padre Island, I hope you’re already thinking about making your vacation a little more exciting. Stop wondering about it and start looking for South Padre spring break packages now!

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