Free Athens map online

Below, you can find the electronic map of the free Athens travel guide, highlighting all that there is to see in the Greek Capital: It has 9 layers, covering:

  1. Archaeological sites in Athens
    (Including map markings for finding what you shouldn’t skip in each site you visit.)
  2. Museums in Athens
  3. Athens art galleries
  4. Top 5 churches to visit in Athens, plus a few others
  5. Libraries and bookshops in Athens
  6. Important buildings and parks of Athens
  7. Squares and streets of Athens
  8. Permanent and temporary markets in Athens
  9. Subway and tram stations of Athens’ public transport

Each place has a description. If applicable, you’ll also find a link to get information about tickets, opening times, and other useful travel information. All included in The Travel Bunny’s electronic Athens map!

Athens map online

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