Where to find the best beaches in the US this summer

If given the opportunity, many of us would love to travel to the Caribbean or spend their summer vacations abroad. However, lots of people are unable to do so.

Many of the beaches found in the Caribbean are incomparable, but you may be able to find similar local alternatives. In other words, you need to get to the best beaches in the US this summer.

The amazing beaches in the Caribbean are popular for so many reasons! Travelers love the clear blue waters and white beaches, the top-of-the-line resorts, and that nice tropical climate. But with just a small amount of research, you can find beaches with similar features in the United States. And to get you started on your search, this article will show you where to find the best beaches in the US!

Ocracoke Island, home to some of the best beaches in the United States

1. Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for families. Located on the outer coast of North Carolina, Ocracoke Island is only accessible by boat or plane.

It’s home to not one, but several beautiful beaches. And that comes as no surprise since Ocracoke Island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Activities on Ocracoke Island include (but are not limited to) camping, boating, sailing, hiking, swimming, and sunbathing.

florida best beaches in the us
Some of the top beaches in the US are in Florida

2. Florida

When searching for the best beaches in the US, many travelers automatically think of the prettiest beaches along the coast of Florida. And in all honesty, in Florida, you’re easily going to find a high number of beaches that can become your next summer vacation destination. Among these, the most popular are South Beach, Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, Pensacola Beach, and Clearwater Beach.

South Beach in Miami is ideal for those looking for fun activities, both on and off the beach. There, you’ll be able to practice sports like diving, sunbathing, sailing, and boating.

Once you get off the sand, this travel destination is well-known for its wild nightlife, with plenty of restaurants, clubs, and bars along the coast. You’ll also get to go to the same venues as many vacationing celebrities!

california best beaches in the us
Sunrise at Corona del Mar, Newport Beach in California

3. California

Besides Florida, California is another state that pops into travelers’ minds when looking for the best beaches in the US. Among them, Newport Beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the west coast.

Newport Beach has always been a looked-after holiday destination, but its popularity went up as the area became the focus of multiple TV shows. Newport Beach is famous for its fun on and offshore activities alike. Among them, you can enjoy beach volleyball, frisbee throwing, sailing, surfing, and sunbathing.

Other favorite beaches in California are Sunset Beach, Carmel Beach, Coronado Beach, and Huntington Beach.

Main Beach Sunset, East Hampton NY – a beautiful sand beach in New York

4. New York

While New York beaches may not come with a tropical climate, their beaches are in full swing during the summer months.

Main Beach is located in the city of East Hampton, New York. And despite being located in the Northeast, Main Beach is one of the best beaches in the US. White sands and blue waters make this East Hampton beach as stunning as the most popular Caribbean beaches!

hawaii best beaches in the us
Day at the beach: Sea turtle resting on a sandy beach in Honaunau Bay

5. Hawaii

Politically speaking, Hawaii is considered one of the fifty states. However, geographically, it is the only state in America that sits out in the ocean, all by itself. And many of the best beaches in the US are located on one of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Depending on where you live, it can be pretty expensive to travel to Hawaii. Vacationers who are (finally) able to afford a trip to Hawaii are encouraged to take it because the beaches of Hawaii are among the best beaches in the US and as close as you can get to the Caribbean shores.

Honaunau Bay, Poipu Beach, and Kailua Beach are some of the nicest beaches in Hawaii.

Best beaches in the US – Honorable mentions for your next beach vacation
Cannon Beach in Oregon
Coligny Beach Park and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

When choosing your next summer travel destination, you may very easily find yourself on holiday next to one of the above-listed beaches. And although these are the best beaches in the US (and maybe among the 25 best beaches in the world), they are only a few of many beautiful beaches that can be found in the USA. You actually don’t have to choose one of the most popular beaches in the world to enjoy a fun vacation. Beautiful, unforgettable vacations can happen anytime, no matter where you’re traveling!

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