The most elite events in the United States

When it comes to attending some of the most sought-after 2022 events in the United States, we have you covered. We have rounded up prestigious, exciting, and thought-provoking events that you will not want to miss. From innovative conferences to championship games, these coveted events are considered some of the most elite in the nation.

Whether you enjoy cheering on professional athletes, attending inspirational speeches, or admiring luxury designs, our list of exciting elite events in the United States will help you plan out your social calendar for the year. Book your private jet charter to America today and get ready to attend these affairs in style.

coveted events in the united states wall street journal conference
One of the most coveted events in the United States: The Wall Street Journal Live Conference

The Wall Street Journal Live Conference

Wall Street Journal Live (WSJDLive) is one of the best global technology conferences in the world. During this 3-day inspirational event, industry leaders, such as C-suite executives, investors, policymakers, and even celebrities, join “Wall Street Journal” editors on stage to discuss the world and US news in the tech and business realms. These annual events take place in Laguna Beach, California.

Learn more about the Wall Street Journal Live Conference.

elite events in the united states golf masters
Elite events in the United States: US Golf Masters 2022

The US Golf Masters 2022

The US Golf Masters is the first tournament of the four major championships in professional golf. It’s a much-anticipated event for any golf lover, as some of the most talented professional golfers compete for the title. The tournament takes place at Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf course in Augusta, Georgia. Though tickets are hard to come by, savvy golf fans can join patron lists when they are open or score badges on large ticket marketplaces.

sought after virtual events in the united states poptech
Must-attend online events in the United States: PopTech


PopTech is a conference held in Northport, Maine, which invites innovative members of society to inspire, share, and find common ground. The purpose of the event is to create a global network to promote science, technology, and creative exploration. The networking event hosts scientists, designers, inventors, academics, government leaders, and more to collaborate on and off stage. These inspiring individuals perform, give presentations, and share projects. If you are looking to attend one of the best conferences in the world, this one belongs on your radar.

Find out more about this virtual event in America.

best events in the united states new york fashion week
One of the most significant events in the United States next year: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2022

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is the ultimate place to see and be seen. Undeniably the most-coveted fashion event in the US, the bi-annual celebration showcases some of the hottest and most celebrated international designer collections on the scene. Buyers, the press, and fashion lovers flock to Manhattan, New York, to see the models work the runways. Some catwalks are located indoors, while others pop up in unconventional places like subway stations and post offices. Several fashion shows are invitation-only, but you can purchase tickets to certain events.

Learn more about the New York Fashion Week.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2022

Whether you own your own vintage automobile or you simply cannot get enough of the classic car scene, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance belongs on your list. Considered one of the most prestigious car shows, this charity event hosts a competition in which judges critique an elite collection of pre- and post-war automobiles, some of which are worth millions of dollars. Make your way to this collection car competition in Pebble Beach, California, and keep your eyes peeled for vintage Bentleys, Ferraris, and Mercedes-Benz in mint condition.

Read more about the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

top events in the us superbowl
One of the top events in the United States in 2022: The Superbowl

Superbowl 2022

Every football fan dreams of attending a Superbowl game, especially if their home team is playing. This annual National Football League championship game is perhaps the most-watched game of the season, as the two best teams compete for the title. While you can enjoy the commercials when you watch at home, nothing beats experiencing the excitement of this game in person. The location of the championship game changes each year depending on which city hosts it, but mark your calendar and get ready to cheer on your top pick during one of the best events in the United States.

Discover more about the Superbowl 2022 and book your tickets in advance.!

sailing events in usa miami yacht show
One of the most coveted sailing events in the United States: The Miami Yacht Show 2022

Miami Yacht Show 2022

Put on your sailing shoes and explore the yachting world at the Miami Yacht Show. This iconic boat show in Miami Beach presents some of the largest and most glamorous superyachts in the world. The event also features exhibits and yacht seminars geared toward yacht buyers, sellers, and professionals. Regardless of whether you are in the market for a yacht for yourself or you prefer just to experience the luxury of these top-of-the-line boats, the Miami Yacht Show is a must-see event.

best sports events in the united states stanley cup
One of the best sports events in the United States: The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2022

Throw on your jersey and root for your favorite team at the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This tournament features the top-performing teams in the National Hockey League as they compete for the Stanley Cup trophy. The location of the final games varies each year, but it is most often held at a U.S. venue. Whether you like keeping score or you’re just in it to see the fights, you won’t be disappointed when you snag sweet seats to one of the best events in the United States.

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