Best place to stay at Lake Ohrid: serene Lagadin

When we arrived at Lake Ohrid, we took in the sights and looked for some accommodation. We had nothing planned, we had no idea what was the best place to stay at Lake Ohrid. Therefore, we just looked for signs posted by people outside their homes or yards. 

And we eventually found something in Lagadin, a very small tranquil village, where people come only during the warm months, according to some locals. Read on about the best place to stay at Lake Ohrid!

lagadin the best place to stay at Lake Ohrid
What you’ll see near the best place to stay at Lake Ohrid

Lagadin: The best place to stay at Lake Ohrid

Our hosts offered us two double rooms. Ana was staying with Tim, so I had to share with Simon. We had separate entries, but we shared a long balcony on the first floor, with a view of Lake Ohrid. We also had a shaded parking spot and access to the kitchen.

The owners of the place were really friendly, which is another reason I found this the best place to stay at Lake Ohrid. They invited us to have some raki, followed by some snacks with coffee. And we talked to an old lady who was visiting them, she told us all about how she met her husband and moved to Ohrid for him. She was really entertaining and reminded me of one of my grandmother’s sisters.

Evening walk and dinner in Peshtani

We took an afternoon nap because we had an early morning with the Matka Canyon boat ride. When we woke up, Simon and I saw a lovely sunset over the lake from the balcony then joined Ana and Tim for a walk on the beach.

In the end, we walked all the way to the next village, Peshtani. It was already dark outside when we found a nice place to have dinner. We came across Kaj Mestono, a quiet and intimate restaurant by the lake, with lovely food.

I remember being able to see fish in the shallow waters near our table and, a few meters away, a beautiful white swan. The sky was clear and the moon was rising slowly.

We returned home quite late that night, by taxi.

Kaj Mestono Restaurant
Open from 12.00 to 22.00, Wednesday to Sunday.
Address: Peshtani, North Macedonia | See on map
Tel. +389-4620-0740 | Website | Facebook

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