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Millennium Cross Hike and Mount Vodno’s Stunning Vista

As mentioned in the previous post, we stopped for lunch in the Old Bazaar, joined by Simon, one of the Germans we met during the Skopje walking tour. We ate some delicious food: Tim and I chose Kebapchinya, Ana decided to get the ubiquitous Shopska salad, while Simon chose the baked beans.

We talked a lot and discovered that we had a lot of things in common. Tim and Simon had actually gone to the same university, though they finished in slightly different years. Simon is a Political Science teacher, and my background is in the same field. Thus, we had really long and captivating conversations on interesting subjects.

Millennium Cross hike or cable car?

Since we were getting along quite well and we had finished eating and drinking, we decided to keep at it during a Millennium Cross hike, on Mount Vodno. Upon reaching the cable car, I chose to grab this opportunity because of an old knee injury that was acting up. They, however, went for the climb with the shortest and hardest route out of the three possible ones.

We planned to go by foot to the village of Gorno Nerezi on the way down, so I got a one-way ticket.

Now join me on a hike or scroll to the end to the quick guide on the Millennium Cross Hike.

Finding the trail to Gorno Nerezi

On top of Mount Vodno, I went to a  small shop and asked about the trail leading to Gorno Nerezi. The clerk quickly put me in touch with a friend of his, who was just about to go back to Skopje, by foot. He led and I followed on the plateau, then in the forest. After walking together for q long time, I was a bit worried about being alone with a stranger. So I started to make some conversation and it turned out he was one of the owners of Kantina. Small world!

We made our way back to the shop, and I waited around for my friends. I was hoping to remember the signs the guy showed me, as the mountain trails are unmarked. I found a rock to sit on and admired the view until the nearby ants got the best of me.

After the other three arrived, we stayed to have a drink, and they then followed my lead to the correct path. The trip down was a lot smoother than expected and, by sunset, we ended up in Gorno Nerezi.

Millennium Cross Hike Gorno Nerezi Panteleimon

Images © Ana Maria Gavrilă

Dinner in Gorno Nerezi

We were hoping to get to visit the Church of Saint Panteleimon, but it was already closed at that hour. It was quite late and we were starving again, so we stopped for dinner at Ethno Complex Macedonian Village. When it was almost dark outside, a band came on the terrace and started singing some covers of Leonard Cohen.

Listening to a Civil Wars-ish Dance me to the end of love while eating a delicious dessert on a warm summer night, in the company of one of my best friends and other interesting people.

What more could one ask for to feel happy? Our last day in Skopje was perfect!

Do you enjoy going on hikes when you travel?

Or are you a proud city slicker? 🙂

Quick guide on Skopje – Part 4 of 4

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Where to eat

Ethno Complex Macedonian Village
From the three available restaurants, we chose the Macedonian Tavern. I strongly recommend it.
Open from 08.00 to 00.00 (from Sunday to Thursday) or to 01.00 (Friday and Saturday).
Address: Gorno Nerezi, Macedonia (FYROM)
 892-307-7600 | Website | Facebook[/five_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]what to visit[/one_sixth][five_sixth_last]


What to see

Church of Saint Panteleimon
Small Byzantine church, built in the 12th century. Part of a monastery complex.
Address: 1010 Gorno Nerezi, Macedonia (FYROM)
Tel. 892- 308-1255[/five_sixth_last]


What to do

Millennium Cross Cable Car
Open from Tuesday to Sunday.  Closed every last Tuesday of the month.
Tickets cost around €1 (120 MKD for round-trip).[/five_sixth_last]


Millennium Cross Hike

The Millennium Cross was built as a memorial to celebrate 2.000 years of Christianity not only in Macedonia but also in the rest of the world. The Cross is 66 metres tall.

Mount Vodno
Krstovar is the highest peak of Mount Vodno and also where the Millennium Cross was built.
Elevation: 1.066 m[/five_sixth_last]


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