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Kantina Restaurant Skopje – Why You Should Eat Here

On our first day in Skopje, we were looking for a place to eat, recommended by Lonely Planet. Sadly, it no longer existed, as we soon found out after asking around. But our steps took us to a really nice place nearby, where we heard some good music: Kantina Lounge Bar.

Friendly Staff

We sat down on the terrace and a very friendly waitress brought us some menus. They were written in their alphabet, though, which I could barely understand due to the limited knowledge I have of the Greek and Bulgarian alphabets.

However, not to worry, while we were having some beer, the waitress translated almost the entire menu for us and recommended us something good to eat, as well.

Nice setting

The atmosphere was perfect for a lazy summer afternoon and the food was delicious.
When you travel through the Balkans, definitely go eat at Kantina Restaurant Skopje!

And this is not the last you’ll be reading on Kantina in relation to our Balkan road trip. 😉

Have you been to Kantina Restaurant Skopje?

What did you choose from their menu?

What did you think of the place?

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Where to eat

Kantina Lounge Bar
4 Radnjanska, Skopje, Macedonia
Address: 4 Radnjanska, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)
Tel. 897-022-2137 | Facebook | Menu[/five_sixth_last]


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