Top 5 essential sights of the Sunshine Coast

When was the last time you had a holiday away? If the answer was more than a year ago, then you are likely overdue for a decent break. We need time to rest and recharge each year because we weren’t designed to work all year round without time off. Doing so can run the risk of burning out; if you do, you’re no good to anyone for anything. It pays to fly away, put your feet up and relax for a while.

But there are so many choices of places to visit for a holiday, it can be slightly overwhelming. Do you fly overseas or stay within Australia? Do you travel interstate, or just drive a few short hours away to a country getaway?

Go see the sights of the Sunshine Coast next time you travel through Australia. In northern Queensland, this coastal area is an excellent place to stay. So, get to booking that Sunshine Coast accommodation, and we’ll share the five essential sights of this part of the world.

Visit the best sights of the Sunshine Coast Australia

Noosa National Park sights of the Sunshine Coast
Visit Noosa National Park for unique sights of the Sunshine Coast Queensland

1. Explore the Noosa National Park

The Noosa National Park is a prime location to visit during your holiday to the Sunshine Coast. The park comprises more than 9,000 acres of forests, dunes, rainforests, and heathlands.

A top location to visit is the Noosa Headland section, which offers approximately 15 kilometers of hiking trails. If you like a hike, this is the place to visit.

The scenic coastal track is another choice trail to explore, which offers gorgeous views of the sea, pandanus trees, and exposure to wildlife such as the glossy black cockatoo, koalas, and more. 

It is also located conveniently close to Noosa, so if you stay in the gorgeous, laid-back town, you can visit the National Park easily and quickly.

Australia Zoo sights of the Sunshine Coast
Go to Australia Zoo for some of the cutest sights of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia

2. Visit Australia Zoo

Located west of Caloundra, Australia Zoo is a trendy tourist destination in Queensland. You might know of its founder, Steve Irwin, the late great crocodile-loving Australian media personality. Over the years, Steve and his wife Terri helped the zoo grow into a top attraction, and the zoo has a firm emphasis on conservation and education.

The zoo boasts a vast collection of wildlife that you can get up close and personal with. You’ll see koalas, kangaroos, snakes, lizards, and other Aussie animals. There is also a collection of exotic species, such as Sumatran tigers, rhinos, elephants, and cheetahs. 

Be sure to catch some of the live shows at Australia Zoo, such as crocodile feeding demonstrations, birds of prey shows, and hand-feeding kangaroos and giraffes, which the kids will love.

You can easily spend a whole day here, so pack food and drinks, and don’t forget sunscreen and hats. You’ll be tired out by the end of the day, as you will walk a lot. 

Mooloolaba Beach sights of the Sunshine Coast
Enjoy some of the best sights of the Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba Beach

3. Have a day at Mooloolaba Beach

This busy beach is the perfect place to rest, soak up some rays, and have a leisurely splash in the ocean. This beach is active, so be prepared for the crowds. You’ll see surfers, joggers, families, volleyballers, and more. The water is temperate and clear and is perfect for a swim or just wetting your ankles.

There are a few seaside cafes located here, so you can quickly grab a meal and a drink if you get hungry or thirsty. There are even a few shops along the Esplanade, so if you feel like retail therapy, you can indulge here too. 

If you’re looking for other things to do, you can go diving and explore one of Australia’s top shipwrecks, the HMAS Brisbane, off the coast. There is also the Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium nearby too if you’re looking for a family-friendly activity.

Kings Beach Sunshine Coast sights
Top sights of the Sunshine Coast: Kings Beach. Photo by

4. Another beach worth visiting – Kings Beach

Kings Beach is a jewel amongst a coast renowned for its gorgeous beaches in the town of Caloundra. The gentle beach break is perfect for the kids to have a splash in and rock pools to explore and hunt for crabs. Pack a picnic, swim, and do some laps in the oceanfront pool. This is a patrolled beach with lifesavers on duty, so you can feel safe and sound while you swim.

Kings Beach is the perfect location to relax and unwind. The sun-kissed shores of this magnificent suburb are bound to have you and your family feeling serene and comfortable in no time. Watch the waves splash on the golden sands, listen to the sounds of nature around you, and see who can find the most interesting shell in the rock pools that pepper the landscape. Kings Beach isn’t just worth visiting, it’s worth being a part of.

visit sunshine coast hinterland
Best sights of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland: Kondalilla Falls waterhole, near Montville. Photo by

5. Explore the Hinterland

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is well worth a visit. Especially worth checking out are the mountain villages of Montville and Maleny, where you’ll find art galleries, cute cafes, boutiques, gift shops, and plenty of European-inspired architecture. 

The Hinterland is a center of cultural wonder. Not only are the mountain-strewn vistas singularly beautiful, but the sheer range of things to do there is unbelievable. Yet, the town doesn’t suffer from the over-stuffed, cramped, indulgent atmosphere of city areas. These are calm, and quiet towns and hamlets, set in idyllic tree-littered valleys, gorgeous lakes and waterfalls, and wide open fields that stretch far into the horizon. The Hinterland presents a getaway that has it all, good food, good people, and wondrous isolation.

best sights of the sunshine coast
Enjoy discovering the best sights of the Sunshine Coast Qld! Photo by

A Sunshine Coast Summary

This helpful article shares the five essential sights to see when visiting the Sunshine Coast. From lush beaches to Australia Zoo, these attractions should keep you and your family busy while you explore this verdant part of the world. This is by no means a complete list, as there is plenty more to see and explore as you visit this part of Queensland. As one of the biggest states in Australia, we guarantee you’ll find something that is bound to let you and yours unwind and leave your stress on the road. Have a Google and find some other destinations you can visit during your trip up north. We promise you’ll find the perfect place to let it all go.

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