kangaroo island australia guide

Kangaroo Island Australia – A visit to Paradise

Kangaroo Island Australia is known as one of the world’s few unspoiled island refuges, and for good reason. This idyllic island off the coast of South Australia is an ideal tour destination for anyone looking for sun, surf, and all the activities that come with it, such as swimming, fishing, sailing, and scuba diving. For those travelers looking for isolation, solitude, and amazing waters, the islands are usually always special locations. Consider the West Indies, Hawaii, and the Maldives… each of these travel destinations has its own distinct traits and natural environment that has evolved over thousands of years of …

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holidays for melbourne travelers

2021 holidays for Melbourne travelers

If you’re Melbourne travelers who are constantly seeking new adventures, chances are you’re feeling the lockdown cabin fever more than most. And while travel isn’t an option right now, there’s nothing to stop you from planning your dream holiday for 2021. With that in mind, here are just a few recommended destinations to inspire your travel fantasies and satisfy your wanderlust. 1. Fiji If you’re looking for a traditional holiday destination featuring sun, sea, and scenery, it’s hard to go wrong with Fiji. This archipelago is endowed with so much turquoise water, white sandy beaches, jungle rivers, and indigenous culture …

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best time to explore Australia

Here’s the best time to explore Australia

Considering that Australia is a remarkably beautiful and enormously large country, there is no such thing as the best time to explore Australia. It all depends on the destination you choose. In other words, the best time to explore Australia should depend on which part of the country you are planning to visit. When’s the best time to explore Australia? When compared to the countries in Northern Hemisphere, the seasons in the land down under are opposite. For example, in Australia, the summer season is from December to February, a time when Northern Hemisphere countries such as United States, Canada, …

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australia hidden gems

Give some love to Australia hidden gems!

Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and with good reason! It’s the sort of place that has just about everything! From gorgeous beaches and exotic landscapes to bustling cities and exciting nightlife, Australia hidden gems are very appealing. That’s why every year travelers flock down under to sample some of what makes this amazing country so impressive. A well-seasoned traveler has likely seen a lot of Australia’s more famous attractions. But for those who want something off the beaten track, here are a few places in Australia with something a bit different to offer. 1. Lake …

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