bagnols en foret france

Bagnols-en-Forêt: our hidden gem in the South of France

Welcome to Bagnols-en-Forêt, a hidden gem in the picturesque Pays de Fayence region of the South of France. Imagine a place where time seems to slow down, and tranquility envelops every cobblestoned street and charming house. This enchanting village holds a special place in my heart, as it became my home when my husband, Mathieu, and I relocated here in 2021. Our love affair with Bagnols en Forêt began long before we made it our permanent residence. Mathieu and his family had been drawn to this idyllic corner of France for their summer vacations for years. The allure of its …

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western crete attractions

Attractions of Western Crete: hidden gems and timeless treasures

The beaches of western Crete are among the finest in Europe. From the golden expanses of Falassarna to the pinkish hue of the sand at Elafonissi, this part of the island is blessed with a lovely Aegean shoreline. Elsewhere, there are hidden coves, pebbly inlets, and always a taverna for a traditional Mediterranean lunch. What also makes this part of Greece’s largest island so appealing are the rugged mountains that run down to the coast. Within them are gorges, remote villages, and a way of life that has barely changed in decades. Combined with the coastal attractions, these all add …

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glamping nsw south coast

Best Glamping NSW South Coast in 2023: Luxury Meets Nature

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for luxury and comfort? As you embark on your next adventure, forget about your traditional camping escapades and immerse yourself in the world of glamping NSW! If you’re seeking a bespoke holiday experience that seamlessly blends the natural beauty of New South Wales with the creature comforts of upscale living, look no further than the picturesque glamping NSW South Coast. Nestled along Australia’s stunning eastern coastline, the NSW South Coast is a pristine haven, brimming with awe-inspiring landscapes, golden sandy beaches, and lush national parks that beg to be explored. With glamping, …

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lake atitlan guatemala travel guide

Explore the magic of Lake Atitlan Guatemala: Accommodation, food, travel tips and more!

One of Guatemala’s most magnificent natural beauties is without a doubt Lake Atitlan, a glittering blue sanctuary encircled by lush green mountains. This volcanic lake, located in the Guatemalan highlands, has long piqued the interest of both natives and visitors. Travelers from all over the world have been lured to it by its stunning scenery and pure waters, and the indigenous populations that call this site home have treasured its cultural value for millennia. However, Lake Atitlan is more than simply a gorgeous face; it has a long history and significant cultural value. The lake was created by a volcanic …

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bora bora hotels and resorts

Bora Bora hotels: your ultimate guide to Paradise

About 160 miles to the northwest of Tahiti’s capital city of Papeete sits the little island of Bora Bora. A member of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, it’s famous for its pristine seas, white sand beaches, and overwater bungalows. There are several different Bora Bora hotels from which to pick for lodging. There are accommodations to suit every taste and budget, ranging from opulent resorts to more moderate choices. If you’re thinking about visiting Bora Bora, you’re in for a treat. This island paradise is ideal for a romantic escape or a relaxed holiday. Bora Bora has something for …

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