The best travel subscription boxes for your wanderlust

A travel subscription box can be a great present for anyone since it provides the pleasure of receiving a surprise on a monthly or quarterly basis. Plus, the ability to choose from a number of options makes it more personal and worthwhile.

Every month, anyone can be magically transported to some wonderful destinations thanks to travel-themed subscription boxes. Self-care kits, snack deliveries, discount coupons, and even free access are available through various services.

Choosing a travel subscription box for a regular person is simple enough if you know their preferences and wants. However, for someone who travels frequently, it can get really difficult.

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What are the best monthly gift boxes?

If you’re looking for the best subscription boxes for travelers, here’s a list of my personal favorites. Find travel gift box ideas for her, him, them, and even the whole family!

Travel boxes to see the world from home

Monthly Travel Experience City Break Collection
Best travel subscription boxes: Monthly Travel Experience

Monthly Travel Experience – City Break Collection

Take a virtual vacation each month with a luxury travel subscription box by The Holiday in a Box Co.

This Christmas season, give the gift of travel. This vacation subscription box is ideal for individuals who have had to cancel their trips abroad this year. Each travel box contains everything a traveler needs to discover a new destination from the comfort of their own home.

With a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to a vacation crate, every traveler can try the newest adventure or embark on an exciting “round-the-world tour”.

  • This travel the world subscription box is the perfect gift for individuals who have had to postpone vacations.
  • Gourmet recipes and edible nibbles are included, making this vacation in a box ideal for foodies.
  • Mini language lessons, games, quizzes, and other activities are included on the activity cards.
  • Every travel experience includes a virtual tour with suggestions, interesting puzzles, historical highlights, and odd cultural tidbits.
  • Gift wrapping for the holidays is available as an add-on for this wanderlust subscription box.

Plans as low as $54.82 / month.

National Park Traveler Box
Best travel subscription boxes: National Park Traveler Box

National Park Traveler Box

Explore a new U.S. National Park monthly with a wooden Limited Edition landmark souvenir.

The National Park Travel Subscription Box transports you to the park. If you enjoy or dream of visiting US national parks, you’ll enjoy this monthly travel subscription service, which includes a wooden Cat’s Meow keepsake of a popular park area.

  • Every month, a new Cat’s Meow Park Limited Edition Souvenir is released (includes 2 Casper logos within the front design)
  • Hand-drawn vintage park postcards, tickets, and stickers + newspaper with information, behind-the-scenes, park-inspired recipes, and links to buy more of what you like
  • Additional item(s) curated from other US Makers to complete your park visit
  • This experience box contributes 10% of its profits to the preservation of US national parks.
  • Every month, a different National Park is featured in the travel box.

Plans as low as $33.99 / monthly travel box.

Use the National Park Traveler Box coupon code PARKHIKE at checkout to get a 5% discount!

Shore Thing Beach Subscription Box
Best travel subscription boxes: Shore Thing Beach Subscription Box

Shore Thing Beach Subscription Box

Amazing Bi-monthly subscription boxes for those who hold the beach and ocean close to their heart.

A subscription package from “Shore Thing” is unlike any other. This travel subscription box is perfect for anyone who enjoys warm sand, sunshine, and gentle sea breezes. Home Decor, Beauty Products, Apparel, Jewelry/Accessories, Lifestyle goods, and more are among the upmarket, high-quality things included with each box. In addition, each box will have an additional “surprise” that will be tied with a bow.

There are two unique subscription boxes to choose from:

  1. STANDARD There are 4-6 products in each box. $125+ in retail value
  2. PREMIUM 5–10 items are included in each box. $200+ in retail value
  • Each month, high-quality products in a tasteful manner are provided.
  • Items inspired by the sea were hand-picked.
  • Each package contains an additional gift (this travel box gift will begin a collection!)

Plans as low as $59.95 / box.

Use the Shore Thing Beach Subscription Box coupon code SHORE10 at checkout for a special discount!

Virtual Travel Adventure
Best travel subscription boxes: Virtual Travel Adventure

Virtual Travel Adventure

Family-oriented, educational virtual travel experience focusing on culture, crafts, and activities.

This travel subscription box offers a customized, family-friendly, educational experience that includes games and activities while embracing the culture, cuisine, and people of different locations. Follow a suggested 2-day itinerary for a fun-filled family vacation… the whole world awaits!

  • Focus on a country’s culture, music, inventions, agriculture, cuisine, and festivals in an educational/fun way.
  • Videos about the country are featured in an interactive internet experience.
  • The country is represented through arts, crafts, games, and activities.
  • Each country’s recipes include an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and speciality drink.
  • Each box is jam-packed with sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and tactile objects that are sure to engage your senses.
  • One of the best travel monthly subscription boxes for the whole family!

Plans as low as $49.95 / box.

Travel subscription boxes for kids

Geo Journey
Travel subscription boxes for kids: Geo Journey

Geo Journey

Learn about the world through fun monthly packages. Big adventures for little explorers!

To begin your journeys, you’ll receive a magnificent explorer kit, followed by an exciting package every month with images, fact cards, stickers, and a cool souvenir from each nation, such as an Australian boomerang or a Japanese fan.

  • The wanderlust subscription box is made for Mums GOLD Award and it won an Academic Choice Award.
  • Educational and entertaining, it introduces a new country each month.

Plans as low as $15.99 / month.

Backpack The World
Travel subscription boxes for teens and tweens: Backpack The World

Backpack The World

Subscription-based monthly cultural geography kits for kids 9-15.

These kits provide everything your child needs to go around the world. Their guides will be Nate and his 70-pound golden doodle Zeus. They visit a new country every month and give your child a box full of information and stuff to help them explore it! Educators and tourists with a passion for travel collaborated on this project.

  • A six-page timely newsletter about each country, with information on culture, geography, politics, business, sports, and other topics.
  • A recipe from the Around the World Recipes collection.
  • Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours, as well as world and country maps.
  • A popular craft to do in that county or a product made in that county.
  • Peace stickers, puzzles, currency conversion, and common language phrases from each country, as well as a backpack to hold it all!

Plans as low as $25.95 / month.

Use the Backpack The World coupon code TRAVELDISCOUNT at checkout to get a special discount!

Invisible Cities World Tour
Travel subscription boxes for kids: Invisible Cities World Tour

Invisible Cities World Tour

Travel around the world through games and travel gifts.

Children’s travel subscription box that allows them to explore the world from the comfort of their own home. Every three months, a new box is released, each themed around a different country.

  • The creator donates activity books and games to youngsters in temporary housing or who are having a difficult time right now for every box purchased.
  • Every quarter, an activity book and fun games are provided.
  • Unique games to explore the globe Exclusive games to explore the world

Plans as low as $25.00 / quarter.

Unique souvenirs from around the world

Venture in History Subscription Box
Best travel subscription boxes: Venture in History

Venture in History – World paper money

Monthly world paper money selection perfect for the new or seasoned collector!

Every month, specialists handpick seven or more pieces of superb genuine and colorful international paper money and deliver them directly to your inbox. Every month, you get at least $20 in world paper money and each month’s choice will be unique. Collecting world paper money is entertaining, informative, and rewarding as the value of the world’s currency rises over time.

Plans as low as $17.99 / month.

Travel subscription boxes for foodies


Travel the world from home & support small businesses – live online experiences with local chefs + artisans

Emilie and Erika are best friends who enjoy traveling! TROVE was intended to deliver you true global experiences and cultural customs while also supporting local businesses. Each box is themed after a place and includes two LIVE online experiences led by local experts, as well as native foods, snacks, and other treats! Join us as we travel the globe!

  • A live cooking class with a local chef is included with each travel food subscription box.
  • A live cultural engagement involving a local artisan is taking place.
  • Invest in the cities you care about.
  • Hand-picked food from around the world box.
  • Surprise freebie.
  • One of the top food subscription boxes out there!

Plans as low as $110.49 / quarterly try the world snack box.

Use the TROVE coupon code CJNEW at checkout to receive $10 off your first box!

Eat2Explore travel snack box subscription
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Eat2Explore travel snack box subscription

Eat2Explore travel snack box subscription

A unique educational food & culture “explorer box” – connecting food & culture into fun learning.

A monthly subscription that encourages families to cook, taste, and learn about different cuisines and cultures from across the world. Unique recipes, necessary spice/sauce/grain mixes, interactive activity pages, shopping lists, cooking tools, and collectibles are all included in each box (passport, country stickers, flag pins).

  • There are 17 countries/regions in all with food boxes from around the world.
  • Each package has a total of 12 servings (4 servings per recipe)
  • Every 4 to 6 months, a new country is added.
  • Culinary chefs and educators curated each foreign food subscription box.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian and Gluten-free options available.

Plans as low as $21.21 / month.

America Crate travel snack box subscription
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: America’s Crate

America’s Crate

Hand-curated products, crafted by Americans in a monthly travel box subscription.

American workmanship is thriving, and America’s Crate wanted to provide its subscribers the opportunity to support American businesses on a monthly basis. Every item in the package is made entirely in the United States.

  • Discover American businesses and all they have to offer while enjoying American craftsmanship.
  • Every month, you’ll receive chosen products of high quality. America’s Crate staff seeks out, sources, and selects incredible new things to ensure that you are happy with your crate month after month!
  • Money-back guarantee of 100%! They stand by each of their crates, and they’re so confident that you’ll adore it that if you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll offer you a full refund.
  • It’s a good thing to have the sensation of freedom, whiskey, and bacon coursing through your veins.

Plans as low as $34.99 / box.

Use the America Crate coupon code FREEDOM at checkout to get a special discount!

Madalyn et Rose French subscription box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Madalyn et Rose French treats box

Madalyn et Rose

Start your day the French way with these luxurious breakfast ingredients.

France has been delivered to you. Every other month, you’ll get a box full of things purchased directly from France by well-known French brands and handcrafted by French artists. Your box will contain a variety of delicious goodies, ideal for a Francophile or someone in need of a pick-me-up.

  • French products of excellent grade
  • Products that are full size
  • Personalization is possible.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.
  • The best monthly food subscription boxes for lovers of everything-French.

Plans as low as $60.00 / box.

Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Hi Spain, the best Spanish Food Subscription Box

Spanish Food Subscription Box

Authentic and artisanal foods & drinks from Spain.

This is a unique monthly travel subscription box that includes a variety of locally sourced meals, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from Spain. Its creators collaborate with tiny local companies to locate the most authentic and distinctive items that symbolize the culture, customs, cuisine, and history of different regions in Spain.

  • Wine, olive oil, marmalade, spices, beer, honey, vinegar, chocolate, and many other interesting meals, snacks, and drinks can be found among the 8-10 high-quality artisan products you’ll find in each box.
  • All these amazing products are made with great care by small family farms and factories.
  • Each box will also include information and descriptions on all of the products, their ingredients, and their backstories.
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about different regions of Spain while enjoying their greatest goodies without having to leave your house.
  • One of the best food box subscriptions on the market right now.

Plans as low as $80.81 / month.

Use the Hi Spain coupon code DISCOVERSPAIN at checkout to get a special discount!

Irish Artisan Food Monthly Box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Irish Artisan Food Monthly Box

Irish Artisan Food Monthly Box

Bring a taste of Ireland to your home every month! Enjoy small-batch food from artisan makers.

Get a box full of delicious Irish food delivered right to your door each month. Purchase this one-of-a-kind travel subscription box with award-winning delights from the Emerald Isle. Imagine being whisked away to a new Irish farmer’s market every month!

  • Enjoy artisan treats made by small businesses all around Ireland.
  • Every month, discover 7 new delicacies and manufacturers with a ‘Meet the Makers pamphlet.
  • Also includes local recipes & travel tips from Ireland.

Plans as low as $53.33 / month.

balkan treat snack candy box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Balkan treat snack candy box

My Balkan Box

The Best of the Balkans: Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian candy & snacks delivered to you each month!

Explore authentic Balkan products from the Ex-Yu territories of Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Each month, enjoy this travel subscription box which includes a variety of unique and scrumptious sweets and snacks.

  • Experience Authentic Balkan Candy & Treats
  • Every month, a new assortment is carefully curated by the box creators.

Plans as low as $27.50 / month.

Bulgarian Treats box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Bulgarian Treats box

Bulgarian Treats

Enjoy a unique selection of traditional Bulgarian snacks.

This travel subscription box is full of delectable delicacies that have been carefully picked and prepared for everyone’s enjoyment. Taste and enjoy traditional Bulgarian snacks, sweets, savories, and biscuits. Every month, there will be new and fascinating flavors.

  • All European countries are eligible for free shipping.
  • You can opt between a Yummy Box and a Bulgarian Beauty Box.

Plans as low as $24.94 / month.

Use the Bulgarian Treats coupon code WELCOME10 at checkout to get a special discount!

The Greek Gourmet Box Monthly
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Greek Gourmet box monthly

The Greek Gourmet Experience

Get your healthy Greek fixings for clean, tasty, easy, Mediterranean-inspired meals.

This travel subscription box is ideal for you if you are curious about Greek cuisine and you’re looking for a gastronomic pick-me-up or a little indulgence. Enjoy a selection of 7 gourmet organic or all-natural items from small-batch Greek artisans every month. You’ll find a variety of sweet and savory goodies, as well as a 500ml organic extra-virgin olive oil, so you’ll never be bored with your dinner.

  • Discover modern Greece’s actual flavor and live an authentic Greek culinary adventure.
  • Clean, all-natural food is yours to enjoy. The box creators only use organic or all-natural goods that are made in Greece and do not include any preservatives or additives.
  • Each box has a retail value of roughly $110-120, and shipping is always free in the United States!

Plans as low as $95.00 / month.

BiteBoxs Asia snack box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: BiteBoxs Asia snack box


Discover Asia through snacks! Handpicked snacks from different Asian countries.

Through select Asian snack boxes, you will enjoy real premium local Asia culinary experiences wherever you are in the world. Every month, you’ll receive delicacies from a new Asian country, hand-picked by locals.

  • Every month, you will receive more than 25 popular treats loved by locals from several Asian countries at an affordable price. Expect monthly deliveries of fresh, hand-picked gourmet goodies from various Asian countries.
  • Each snack box includes a country-specific information pamphlet. As a result, you can learn while munching on the locals’ goodies.
  • All snack travel boxes ship all the way from Asia with free shipping.

Plans as low as $33.00 / month.

Use the BiteBoxs coupon code BBEBUSD8 at checkout for a special discount!

Snackative South Indian Sweets Snack Subscription Box
Travel subscription boxes for foodies: Snackative Sweets & Snack Subscription Box

Snackative – South Indian Sweets & Snack Subscription Box

Get a selection of traditional sweets & snacks from different cities of South India delivered to your home.

The only South Indian Traditional Sweet & Snack subscription box! Every month, the creators of this around the world food box investigate South Indian regional specialties and send you a unique variety of the most popular sweets and snacks, including Halwa, Paalkova, Peda, Murukku (Chakkli), Pakoda, Chips, Biscuits, Adirasam, Seedai, and more.

  • All items are vegetarian, but some may include milk products or nuts. If you have any allergies, please contact the box creators so that they can accommodate your needs.
  • Free shipping to the United States.
  • Pre-notify yourself via email about the food products you’ll be receiving each month.

Plans as low as $35 / month.

Use the Snackative coupon code SNACK36 at checkout to get a special discount!

Japan Crate Snack Box
Best travel boxes for foodies: Japan Snack Box

Japan Crate

Experience the excitement of Japan through monthly crates!

This travel subscription box captures the thrill of discovering Japan through everything Japanese.

There are five different travel subscriptions available to help you get a taste of Japan through a variety of goodies:

  1. Original Japan Crate, available in two sizes:
    1. The mini box comes with 10 Items. 1 DIY kit guaranteed.
    2. The premium Japan Crate includes full-sized Japanese candy & snacks, a revolving bonus item, a Japan-exclusive drink, and a custom manga-zine with translations, a contest and more surprised in every shipment.
  2. Umai Crate, with packs of Japan-Exclusive instant noodles and a revolving bonus item.
  3. Gacha Gacha Crate, with some of Japan’s best gachapon capsule toys & collectibles.
  4. Doki Doki Crate, a monthly supply of everything Kawaii with fully licensed items ranging from plushies & squishies to collectible keychains, figures, apparel, miniatures, cooking utensils and more.
  5. Inku Crate with 6-8 stationery items each month.

Plans as low as $33.45 / month.

Hawaiian Snack Box
Best travel subscription boxes for foodies: The Hawaiian Box

The Hawaiian Box

A monthly box from Hawaii with authentic made-in-Hawaii goodies by local businesses.

Discover the islands with this Hawaiian box, which includes Hawaii-inspired and made-in-Hawaii items. You can choose to subscribe to a Hawaiian food box or a non-food one. Non-food goods could include perfumed items like soaps.

  • Each box contains a donation to a non-profit group that works to protect Hawaii’s ecosystems.
  • All the products are made in Hawaii, inspired by Hawaii, and/or designed in Hawaii.
  • Access to travel bargains and other discounts!

Plans as low as $33.32 / month.

Use the Hawaiian Box coupon code WELCOME10 at checkout to get a special discount!

International beauty subscription boxes

Canadian Beauty Box
Best travel subscription boxes with cosmetics: Canadian Beauty Box

Canadian Beauty Box

Experience proud Canadian brands from coast to coast every season.

Every season, you can look forward to a fresh take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle that is uniquely Canadia. The creators of this travel subscription box scour every nook and cranny of Canada in quest of those undiscovered Canadian gems that are ideal for you!

  • Discover Canada by exploring Canadian beauty through this unique travel subscription box.
  • Every season, you’ll get 5-8 full-sized items with a minimum retail value of $140.
  • You support local Canadian businesses from coast to coast with each international subscription box.
  • One of the best monthly subscription boxes for women.

Plans as low as $41.24 / quarter.

Best beauty subscription boxes: Sooni Pouch Korean Beauty Box

Sooni Pouch – No 1 K Beauty Box

The best monthly K-Beauty Subscription Box and one of the best subscription boxes for women!

Sooni Pouch is a Korean beauty brand that caters to women of all ages. Every month, you will get a carefully chosen Korean cosmetics box with free shipping to the United States.

You can choose between three K-Beauty boxes:

  1. Sooni Mask Pouch – 6 Deluxe K-Beauty Face Masks. Discover cult favorites as well as hot, new masks that are not readily available outside Korea.
  2. Sooni Mini Pouch –  6-8 full size or deluxe sample size K-beauty products plus a Deluxe Sample Skincare Set including face sheet masks.
  3. Sooni Pouch – 10 – 12 deluxe and full size K-beauty products.
  • A wide range of skincare, cosmetics, masks, and other products are available for all skin types!
  • Free shipping to the United States.

Plans as low as $11.99 / month.

Travel subscription boxes for book lovers

Booked Traveler Box
Best book subscription boxes for travelers: Booked Traveler Box

Booked Traveler Box

A bi-monthly pairing of 1 book + incredible items intended to enhance your reading journey.

Every book is a voyage into a new life in which you can visit new places, meet new people, learn new things, discover new meanings, and create new memories. The Booked Traveler Box will help you recall all of the best portions of the book long after you’ve finished reading it. Each book subscription box will contain one book as well as lovely and useful souvenirs to open while reading.

  • New or recent high-quality hardback or paperback releases in a variety of categories. (Books are chosen for an adult readership, with a focus on female authors and main characters; #OwnVoices and Diverse authors will be included as well!)
  • At least three souvenirs to open while you read, but typically more. These objects will be high-quality, elegant, and useful, and will be inspired by or plucked from the pages of the book.
  • Home products, ornamental pieces, self-care basics, and trip treats (food/beverages) are typical souvenirs. Whenever possible, they will be sourced from small companies and craftsmen.
  • Souvenirs may include artwork, quote cards, or duplicates of mementos mentioned in the book on rare occasions (letters, posters, etc.). The paper goods would be on top of the required three items!
  • Souvenirs are usually packaged in re-usable packaging with instructions on how to open them. A reading guide will also serve as a reminder! The reading guide will contain extras like author bios, online book discussion dates, and prize-winning unpacking challenges!
  • Book plates and author engagement will be added whenever available.
  • Finally, a portion of the revenues from each box will be donated to a charity that corresponds to the book in that specific box.

Plans as low as $45.00 / box.

Best travel subscription box for book lovers: Bibliophilic Excursions

Bibliophilic Excursions

The Bibliophilic Excursions travel subscription box offers readers a tailored experience. Simply pick your adventure, and receive a beautifully themed literary experience every month. 1-2 books and 3-5 products are included in each box.

  • Delectable snacks and trinkets with each world subscription box.
  • Literary trips with imaginative themes.
  • A Yorkipoo packed it with eco-friendly materials.
  • Literary experts hand-pick literature for artisanal book boxes.
  • A portion of the proceeds is donated to local non-profits that support children’s literacy.

Plans as low as $35 / month.

Well, there you have it! This is my selection of the best travel subscription boxes on the market at this time.

Which travel box ideas did you love best? Let me know on social media!

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